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Activities Grants

Grant Funding Update

The Coca Cola Academic initiative, which is open to departments and individual students with departmental sponsorship, has been fully awarded for the 2018-2019 academic year. Funding still remains for Spring semester events hosted by student groups.


The Student Activities Grants are intended to provide supplemental financial support to student groups seeking to host or participate in activities, programs, and special events that enhance the co-curricular experience for students at the University of Minnesota. Applications must show how project will promote student development, enhance diversity, and/or benefit the community. Individual initiatives are highlighted below.

Administrative Grant

  • Application must demonstrate that initiative offers opportunities for students to broaden their educational development through stated educational goals.
  • Funds represent contributions from University of Minnesota administrative units; therefore, Campus Life Programs are not eligible to receive Administrative Grant funding as they have extisting departmental support.
  • Both on-campus and off-campus events are eligible to receive funding.
  • If attending a conference, application must include a plan to share the information with the larger campus community upon return.
  • Both fees-receiving and non-fees-receiving groups are eligible to be considered for up to $1,000 per on-campus event/initiative and $500 per off-campus event/initiative. This distinction exists in order to ensure that the bulk of grant funding towards events that take place on campus and enrich the University of Minnesota student experience.

Student Services Fees (SSF) Event Grant

  • Funds represent contributions from the University of Minnesota students; therefore, events must be inclusive of the on-campus community.
    • Application must show that efforts have been made to make current students the primary intended audience for the initiative.    
    • Events must be free or low-cost for University of Minnesota students.    
    • Only on-campus events that are open to all students are eligible to receive funding.
      • In order to be considered “open to all students,” applications must show that events meet the following criteria:
        • Publicity efforts reaching all corners of the University campus, beyond the buildings dominated by a specific major or group of students.
        • Educational and event goals identify specific ways all students would benefit from attending.
        • Realistic expectation that students outside the targeted major or group will attend.
  • Funding is only available for student groups that do not already receive Student Service Fees allocation.
  • Additional funding may be available for registered student groups who collaborate with one or more other registered student groups. Collaboration is intended to be more than just monetary support.    
    • Individual non-fees-receiving student group applicants are eligible for up to $1,000 per event/initiative.
    • Events/initiatives that feature a partnership with at least one additional student group are eligible for up to $1,500 per event/initiative.  
    • Groups that already receive a SSF allocation may partner with non-fees-receiving groups, so long as the non-fees-receiving group is the primary applicant. In these cases, a grant award check will be given to the primary applicant.