Grant Funding FAQ

Before applying for grants, consider the following recommendations in order to write the best possible grant application.

When should my group apply?

Groups must follow the Grant Deadlines, and it is recommended that groups apply at least six weeks before their event if possible.

How can we make our application stand out?

In your application, be sure to emphasize how your group's program or event promotes student development, enhances diversity, and/or benefits the campus community. This is the key criteria that the grant committee is looking for. Additionally, make sure your application explains your event in clear and concise detail and contains a complete and detailed budget.

How much detail should our application include?

Assume that the people reading your application have no prior knowledge about your group, program or event. The more detail your application provides, the easier it is for the committee to understand the value of your event. Word count recommendations are provided for most of the written responses, so use these guidelines to keep your response concise.

How much detail should our budget include?

Your budget should be as specific and accurate as possible. Groups are encouraged to contact vendors for quotes prior to applying for grants so that the committee can see that your budget is complete and that your expected income and expenses match. Feel free to add additional tabs to the budget template to break down line items further. Additionally, make sure that the information in the budget reflects the information in the application.

What types of supplies can SUA grants fund?

Supplies that are specific to the event (i.e. rental, food, honorariums, etc.) are considered programming expenses and can be funded by SUA grants. Supplies that are intended for group use beyond the event (i.e. computers, audio equipment, uniforms/apparel, etc.) are considered operational and are not eligible for funding.

Find more information about what can be funded in Spring 2021.

Can SUA grants fund our student group meeting expenses?

No, meeting expenses are considered operational. SUA grant funding is intended to support activities, programs, and special events that promote student development.

Can SUA grants fund our recruitment and/or fundraising events?

No, recruitment and fundraising events are considered operational and are not eligible for funding.

How much funding can we receive per event? What about per year?

The amount you can receive per event depends on a number of factors. There are a variety of different grant initiatives, each of which has different criteria. Each grant initiative has a maximum award amount per event, and groups can receive funding from multiple initiatives for a single event.

Where can we find additional funding?

Some ways that groups have done this in the past include membership dues, fundraisers, other grants, and partnerships. See our Funding Page and Related University Grants for more information and ideas.

If my group is not awarded, can we reapply for the same event?

Yes, your group can apply again, as long as you apply within the semester of your event with the application deadline. A Student Activities Advisor is happy to meet with any group and provide feedback from the Grants Review Committee to help improve your application.

Can someone meet with us to review our application before we apply?

Yes, the Student Activities Office is staffed with advisors that are more than happy to meet with you, answer questions, and review your application prior to submitting. We can also offer guidance with regard to fundraising opportunities, room and space reservations, and general event planning strategies. You can schedule a meeting with a student group advisor at or contact our office at, or via phone at (612) 626-6919.

If we are awarded, how long will it take to receive our grant funding?

Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) will have their check mailed to them 3-6 weeks after submitting their Statement of Agreement. Campus Life Programs (CLPs), University Departments, and individuals will receive their grant award through EFS transfer within 2-4 weeks of submitting their Statement of Agreement.