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Working for Student Unions & Activities

Student Unions & Activities employs more than 250 students in retail, event planning, building management, marketing and student activities. Student workers in our department develop valuable career skills while enjoying the flexibility and convenience of on-campus employment. Our department strives to foster a supportive environment where students of all backgrounds can flourish and connect with one another. No matter what you’re studying on campus, working for Student Unions & Activities allows you to gain real-world leadership skills while earning money for school.

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96% of student employees would recommend working at Student Unions & Activities to others.


95% of student employees reported a positive effect on their career development.


94% of student employees reported a positive effect on their personal life.

Student Development Outcomes

Student Unions & Activities bases its culture around the Student Development Outcomes (SDO). Employers look for these seven characteristics when hiring new graduates. Over the course of their careers at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities students are expected to develop in these seven areas through academic, employment and social opportunities.

Our department intentionally bases job descriptions around the SDOs. Formal performance reviews and casual coaching conversations are rooted in these seven crucial characteristics. Read more to learn about how each SDO relates to jobs in our department!

Responsibility and Accountability

"I’m accountable to my team at Student Unions & Activities."

Makes appropriate decisions regarding their own behavior. Meets agreed upon expectations. Follows through on commitments.

Independence and Interdependence

"I know when to take the lead or consult my manager."

Appropriately determines when to act alone and when to consult others. Demonstrates ability to initiate action and engage others to enhance outcome.

Goal Orientation

"I understand how my work contributes to larger team goals."

Manages behavior to accomplish specific outcomes. Maintains sufficient motivation to achieve goals. Demonstrates effective planning and purposeful behavior.

Self Awareness

"I know what I excel at and where I can grow."

Expects the best from self and others. Accurately assesses personal strengths and weaknesses. Shows interest in learning about others and their accomplishments.


"When my team faces a set-back, I can bounce back and figure out the next steps."

Able to recover from disappointment or bad experience and continue to work successfully.

Appreciation of Differences

"I appreciate a variety of viewpoints when making a decision."

Works effectively with others, despite differences. Seeks out different perspectives to improve decision making. Respects the values and beliefs of others.

Tolerance of Ambiguity

"I can chart a course forward, even when I’m in new territory."

Demonstrates intellectual and emotional ability to perform in complicated environments and the absence of standard operating procedures.