Event Services FAQ

Covid-19 Updates

COVID-19 Related Updates:

  • Room capacities are limited to comply with the MDH and UMN recommendations. Please do not move furniture and/or alter the setup.
  • A safety plan will be created by the client and SUA event coordinator for the specific event and submitted to Sr. Associate Director or their designee for approval.
    • Clients will be responsible for enforcement of guidelines agreed upon as a component of the event planning process.
    • SUA Staff is responsible for ensuring that setups and planned capacity are within guidelines.
    • SUA support staff may decline to provide services to clients not in compliance with the approved safety plan. SUA staff will advise them to leave the facility or comply with the agreed upon guidelines.
  • In accordance with MDH guidelines, all reservations must require advance/pre-registration for your meeting’s attendees. Anyone who shows up without a reservation may attend as long as capacity limits are not exceeded, but they need to provide their name, phone number, and email address for contact tracing purposes.
    • Please keep the contact info of all participants of your meeting in case contact tracking is needed.
  • Per University direction, all UMN students, staff, and visitors are required to use a face covering at all times when in any enclosed or indoor space on campus.
  • A 6-foot separation must be maintained by all participants during the meeting
  • No Contact Table reservations will be permitted during Spring 2021.
  • All conference room booking requests must be 48 hours in advance.
  • No food and beverages are permitted in the conference rooms for Fall Spring 2021.
  • Food in our large event spaces may only be served in individually packaged meals (as provided by the vendor) or pre-packaged commercially. No buffets, plated dinners, self-serve food or pre-packaged items made at home will be permitted.
  • Groups found in violation of capacity limits, food/ beverage restrictions, and other event safety policies outlined above are subject to investigation and a monetary fine and/or cancellation of all future reservations for the 2021 academic year.
  • Any tours of the event spaces will need to be scheduled ahead of time.

Online Room Booking (Mazévo)

How do I make a user account?

To complete a reservation inquiry, you must have a user account. To create an account click the button below:

Once an account is set up by the Event Services staff, you will receive an email from @Mazévo.com that will contain a link for the user to confirm their email and create their password. Please note that this link will expire after one day.

University Guests: Please contact our office at suaec@umn.edu or call (612)-624-9927 for Coffman Memorial Union reservations or email spscres@umn.edu or call (612) 624-8145 for St. Paul Student Center reservations

How do I make a reservation inquiry?

  1. Log in to the Mazévo website.
  2. Click My Events.
  3. Click Add New Request.
  4. Type the event name.
  5. Select the organization.
    1. You'll only be able to see organizations that the Mazévo administrator has allowed you to make requests for.
  6. Indicate the number of people who will attend the event.
    1. This is required and will be used to show you rooms that can accommodate that number of people.
  7. Select the start time and end time.
  8. Select the dates.
    1. You can indicate that this is a recurring event by selecting an option from the Repeat drop-down menu. Or you can click the recurring dates on the calendar.
  9. Select the buildings that you wish to schedule rooms in.
  10. Click Find Rooms.
    1. You'll be presented with a list of rooms that are available for every date that you selected at the requested time.
  11. Click the box next to the room or rooms you want to request.
  12. Respond to any questions listed.
  13. Click Submit.

Once your request is submitted, you'll see it listed under My Events as Pending. You'll be notified by email once the request has been reviewed and approved or declined.

How do I view my reservations?

To access information on your events or enter new requests, tap My Events. Here you can:

  • View existing events you are associated with.
    • This includes events you have submitted through the mobile app or events that an event planner has entered for you in Mazévo and listed you as a primary or secondary contact.
  • Add new event requests including dates, times, location, and service needs, and answer additional questions about your requests.

General FAQ

Can my student group co-host an event with an outside company, non-profit, or UMN department?

Co-hosting with an outside company or non-profit can be a very rewarding and educational experience for your group. However, the rules regarding co-hosting an event with anyone other than a fellow UMN registered student group are very strict. In order to receive the student group benefits, including reduced rates, the entirety of the event must be initiated, programmed, planned, and executed by the registered student group members.

What are my options for catering?

Student Unions & Activities offers flexible catering policies, leaving the choices up to you! We can work with any licensed caterer of your choice giving you endless cuisine options for you and your guests.

Food permits are required for any group that is bringing food into the building for meetings or events. All food permits for catered events and potlucks must be submitted to the Event Services office 14 calendar days in advance (Building Code Department approval is required).

What is your Cancellation Policy?


A notice of cancellation must be in writing and addressed to the Event Services Office. An event will be deemed canceled on the date of receipt of such notice. Licensee agrees that in the event of such cancellation, the actual damages incurred would be difficult to determine. Therefore, Licensee agrees to pay a percentage of the total fee stated below based on the date on which Event Services receives notice according to the following schedule:

Notice of Cancellation Received Cancellation Fee
Between 91 and 180 calendar days before the Event 25% of Fee
Between 31 and 90 calendar days before the Event 50% of Fee
Between 6 and 30 calendar days before the Event 75% of Fee
Between 0 and 5 calendar days before the Event 100% of Fee

If Event Services receives a notice of cancellation within five (5) calendar days of the event, or if Licensee fails to notify Event Services of its intent to cancel, Licensee shall pay one hundred percent (100%) of the total fee and all charges for contracted audio and visual equipment and technical support.


Cancellation fees are a percentage of the original price quote based on the number of business days in advance of the event date that the event is cancelled or rescheduled. Technicians must be cancelled ten (10) U of M business days in advance or groups will be charged full technician rental costs.

Notice of Cancellation Received Cancellation Fee
16-20 U of M business days before the Event 25% of Fee
11-15 U of M business days before the Event 50% of Fee
6-10 U of M business days before the Event 75% of Fee
0-5 U of M business days before the Event 100% of Fee
Failure to Cancel or No Show 100% of Fee

Is parking available for my event?

Directions to Coffman Memorial Union

Directions to St. Paul Student Center


Coffman Disability and Short-term Parking

The 1,900 space East River Road Garage provides both disability and short-term parking for Coffman and the East Bank campus. With an attached entrance to the south side of the building, the East River Road Garage is easily accessible from Delaware Street. For rates and maps please visit Parking and Transportation Services.


Disability Parking

Available on Buford Avenue, directly across from the St. Paul Student Center on the south side of the street.

Metered Parking

Available on Buford Avenue, directly across from the St. Paul Student Center on the south side of the street, Eckles Avenue on the east side of the street and Carter Avenue on the south side of the street.

Hourly Parking

Available in the Gortner Parking Ramp by following Buford Avenue to the second stop sign, and taking a right onto Gortner Avenue. The ramp will be on right.

Daily Rate Parking

Available in lot #S101 on the corner of Cleveland and Commonwealth Avenues. The #S101 lot closes daily at midnight and reopens at 6 a.m. the following morning. The lot is closed on weekends from Friday at midnight until Monday at 6 a.m. Additional daily parking is available in the #S106 lot by taking Buford Circle off of Buford Avenue.

Can I host my wedding here?

At this time, wedding ceremonies and receptions are not permitted in SUA Facilities.

Can I place a tentative hold on a space?

A two week tentative hold on a venue may be placed no less than 60 calendar days prior to the event. No group can have more than 2 active holds at any given time.

When can my group reserve a space?

Reservations for events occurring during the academic year may be made up to one year advance, with the exception of annual event reservations.

For more information regarding annual event reservations please reference the Event Services Policies.

Can we reserve furniture or A/V equipment for use outside of the Unions?

Unfortunately, in order to maintain the quality of the furniture and A/V equipment, all SUA property must remain inside the unions.