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The Whole Music Club

Battle of the Bands 2021

Whether you’re a singer/songwriter, rapper, or part of a band this is the perfect event to showcase your talent! This year’s Battle of the Bands will be a bit different due to COVID-19. The preliminary round will be done through pre-recorded sessions at The Whole and the final round will be live streamed with cleaning and safety precautions between each artist.


Contest Plan

  • Student performers interested in participating in this year’s battle will submit an application between January 4th and February 12th.
  • In the following days applications will be reviewed by Whole event planners and performers will be selected for the preliminary round
  • Those chosen will record a short 10-15 minute set at The Whole for the preliminary YouTube round.
  • Videos will all be released at the same time on our YouTube page and after a week finalists will be chosen based on the video statistics (see preliminary round judging rubric below)
  • Finalists will compete in a live streamed show at The Whole where they will each perform 15-20 minutes. Since there will be no in person audience, judging will be done through a combination of a judges panel and number of viewers throughout each band’s set (view the final round judging rubric here)


  • Each group/performer must contain at least one currently-enrolled University of Minnesota - Twin Cities student.
  • Performers must provide all instruments as we cannot backline/share at this time.
  • Due to COVID-19 protocol we can only allow one singer per band/group and wind instruments will not be allowed.
  • Solo artists as well as full bands are allowed.
  • Groups selected to compete must perform live. No lip syncing will be allowed.
  • Original songs are encouraged. All genres are welcomed.


History of the Whole Music Club

Since its inception in the 1960's, the Whole Music Club has contributed to the cultivation of a huge, and diverse music community in the Twin Cities. What began as a coffeehouse for students to perform and study, quickly evolved into a nationally renowned venue that offers students the opportunity to see local and national music icons for affordable prices on campus.


The Whole is located in the Basement of Coffman Memorial Union. Get Directions & Parking Information.

Apply to Perform at the Whole

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