Grant Policies

Minimum Requirements For Applying for a SUA Grant

Applicant Requirements

  • The applying group must be a University of Minnesota Department, Registered Student Organization (RSO) or Campus Life Program (CLP) that is currently registered and in good standing with the Student Activities Office.
    • New or expired groups cannot apply for grants until they have completed registration.
    • Individuals must be currently registered students and have departmental sponsorship
    • Only student group officers listed in the student group’s profile in Gopherlink may represent the student group. This includes being listed as an applicant, signing all grants related documentation, completing required training, and attending any required meetings.
  • The University of Minnesota is committed to the policy that all persons shall have equal access to its programs, facilities, and employment without regard to race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, age, marital status, disability, public assistance status, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. SUA Grant funds will not be awarded to organizations or programs that do not adhere to this policy.
  • Applications that violate grant, student group, or University policies will immediately be denied funding.


  • Events or projects must occur as outlined in the grant application due date listing (opens in a new tab) in order to be eligible for funding. Retroactive funding is not available.
  • All applicants must comply with all deadlines established by the SUA Grants Program. Failure to adhere to deadlines communicated may result in a forfeited grant and possible reimbursement.
  • All required paperwork for funded grants must be completed by the end of the University’s fiscal year. The University’s fiscal year ends on June 30.
  • Events applied for in one fiscal year may not be pushed back into the next fiscal year.

Event and Budget Requirements

  • Any changes to the event or budget from what was submitted in the application must be emailed to the Grants Assistant at (opens in a new tab) for approval.
  • Grant funding is intended to support student group programs and special events that are consistent with the mission of the student group.
  • Grants may not fund more than the total cost of the event. If total event expenses are less than the amount awarded, the student group/university department will be required to return the overage.
    • Tickets may be sold for an event, as long as the revenue is used solely to fund the event and not to generate a profit for the group.
  • Student groups may be awarded no more than $10,000 per academic year through SUA grants.
  • All on campus events must only serve Coca-Cola products. Off campus events funded by Coca-Cola grants must be Coca-Cola products.
    • Exceptions may be made for beverages made on-site or made by a licensed caterer.
    • A list of Coca Cola products can be found on the Coca-Cola Brand Sheet (opens in a new tab).
  • Certain grants initiatives require that eligible events be "open to all students". In order to be considered "open to all students", the event must take place on campus or digitally and the grant application must identify the following:
    • Publicity efforts reaching all corners of the University campus, beyond the buildings dominated by a specific major or group of students.
    • Educational and event goals identify specific ways all students would benefit from attending.
    • Realistic expectation that students outside the targeted major or group will attend.

Unallowable Expenses

  • Events held as fundraisers or for the purpose of generating revenue for a student group/department or philanthropic cause are not eligible for funding.
  • Funding cannot cover the cost of prizes or giveaways. This includes gift cards, thank you gifts and participation prizes.
  • Events at which alcohol is available will not be considered for funding.
    • This includes events at restaurants with alcohol service available.
  • Funding will not be awarded for stipends/honoraria for any University of Minnesota student, faculty or staff member.
  • Funding is not available for weekly/biweekly occurrences, group meetings, practices or officer training.
  • Funding is not available for group general operating costs or group supplies.
  • Funding cannot cover events that are solely intended for recruitment.
  • Partisan political organizations (organizations affiliated with a registered political party or candidate for public office) may seek funding through University grant and student funding programs for non- partisan political activities only (e.g., candidate forums available to all qualified candidates, nonpartisan educational programs, etc.)
  • No registered student group may use University funds on behalf of a candidate for public office in a political campaign.

Contact the Grants Assistant at (opens in a new tab) with general questions. Student groups are encouraged to schedule a general advising meeting with their assigned Student Group Service Advisor at (opens in a new tab).