Managing a Group

Students must schedule appointments at least one business day in advance using the appropriate booking page. RSO bank letters may be requested online at (opens in a new tab). Please keep in mind that it may take up to five business days upon receipt of the submission. 

Student groups may find all important student group programming and funding deadlines at (opens in a new tab). Updates are added to this documents as they become available.

In addition to group members and officers practicing leadership, successful groups also demand effective management. The information in this section includes resources and processes that will ensure your student group stays in good standing, and help your student group achieve its goals.

Groups are encouraged to schedule a general advising appointment with their assigned Student Group Service Advisor at (opens in a new tab).

Annual Registration

Student groups must register annually with Student Unions and Activities to stay in good standing and maintain access to student group benefits. Student group registration requirements are determined by the group’s classification and the group’s status.

Find more details regarding annual registration here.

Student Group Administrative Forms

For a complete list of forms for student groups, visit the Student Activities Office GopherLink profile page.

Classification Change Request

Registered student groups can request to change their group’s classification at any time. Student groups are encouraged to reference the Classification Change Checklist (opens in a new tab) for additional information.

Submit a Classification Change Request at (opens in a new tab).

Dissolution Request

Student groups dissolve under two conditions: a group is expired for one academic year, or the group members vote to dissolve and permanently terminate the student group.

To start the student group dissolution process, please contact the Student Activities Office by sending an email to

Student Group Benefits

Student groups that register with Student Unions and Activities have access to some University facilities, services, staff, and resources in addition to the benefits of community and leadership development.

These student group benefits include the following: