New and Expired Student Group Registration will begin October 1, 2020. Annual re-registration will begin in early Spring 2021. See below for details.

Student Activities Advisors can help all groups during the registration process. Contact the Student Activities Office at

The student group registration process is how student groups maintain a relationship with the University. Student group registration is administered through Student Unions & Activities and is required annually. Student groups that are registered with the University of Minnesota have the ability to conduct activities at the University in accordance with established University policies and procedures. Student Unions & Activities maintains an official file/record for registered groups with the Student Activities Office. Any information pertaining to the group’s registration, constitution, or classification status contained in the student group’s file/record is considered public information.

By registering with Student Unions & Activities, student groups agree to abide by all University of Minnesota policies, including policies governing activities, events, and other operations on the Twin Cities campus. Student groups are expected to review the student group policies before registering a group. Student groups that complete the registration process during the academic year 2020-2021 will be registered until September 30, 2021.

Update on student group registration for 2020-2021

Due to changing circumstances for Fall 2020 and a significant update to the GopherLink platform occuring in September, we are updating our current timeline for registration:

  • New and Expired Student Groups can start registration in October 2020.
  • Currently registered groups can re-registering their group in early Spring 2021.
  • Registered student groups that were registered through September 30, 2020 have their registration extended through February 28, 2021.

Student group leaders can still take action towards registration in the weeks leading up to registration. Preliminary steps for student group officers to take are found on the corresponding web page (see below).

How do I register my group?

There are separate processes and requirements for your group depending on your current registration status. You can verify your group’s registration status by looking at your group’s GopherLink profile page under “Standing (view student group status levels here)”

If your group has never registered with the University of Minnesota:

Go to New Student Group Registration

If your group did not complete re-registration during the 2019-20 academic year, or missed the 2020-21 re-registration deadline:

Go to Expired Student Group Registration

If your group is currently registered until February 28, 2021 with the University of Minnesota:

Go to Student Group Re-registration