Annual Student Group Registration

Student group registration is managed through Student Unions & Activities and all student groups must complete the process every academic year in order to stay registered and have access to student group resources. 

The student group registration process is how student groups maintain a relationship with the University. Student groups that are registered with the University of Minnesota have the ability to conduct activities at the University in accordance with established University policies and procedures. Student Unions & Activities maintains an official file/record for registered groups with the Student Activities Office. Any information pertaining to the group’s registration, constitution, or classification status contained in the student group’s file/record is considered public information.

By registering with Student Unions & Activities, student groups agree to abide by all University of Minnesota policies, including policies governing activities, events, and other operations on the Twin Cities campus. Student groups are expected to review the student group policies before registering a group. Student groups that complete the registration process during the academic year 2022-23 will be registered until September 30, 2023. 

Overall Registration Timeline

  • April 20, 2022: New and Expired Groups can begin registration
  • March 1, 2023: Last day for New and Expired Groups to begin registration.

Student group leaders can still take action towards registration in the weeks leading up to registration.

New and Expired Group Registration

Student groups can verify their registration status by checking the list of groups in GopherLink with an active profile.

Contact the Registration Assistant at with questions.

Step One

Groups submit the Initiate 2022-23 Student Group Registration Form at There must be a minimum of five (5) officers in order to become a group and the group must maintain this minimum throughout their time as a registered student group. Officers must be currently enrolled University of Minnesota Twin Cities students. In addition, groups registering as a Campus Life Programs (CLP) must also upload a completed CLP Advisor Letter with signatures from their department advisor and department head.

Instructions on how to obtain and Employer Identification Number (EIN) or how to complete a W-9 are on the Financial Management page. Please do not submit personal information on the W-9 form.

Step Two

The officer who submitted the 2022-23 Student Group Registration Form will be assigned to the New and Expired Student Group Registration Canvas Course. Officers will need to accept the Canvas invitation in order to access the course. Group constitutions are submitted as an assignment via the Canvas course. Officers must complete the course in its entirety, including constitution approval before groups can move to the payment step.

Step Three

All new and expired groups will be required to pay a $30 registration fee. Groups will receive invoicing information via email after the constitution has been approved. For RSOs, all listed officers will receive invoice information and payment is made online through University Billing. CLPs fees are paid with an EFS account transfer. EFS Chartstring information is requested in the 2022-23 Student Group Registration Form.

Contact the Registration Assistant at with questions.

Registration for Currently Registered Groups through September 2022

The Student Activities Office has decided to transition to a new process in response to student group feedback received about technical issues. As a result of this, all currently registered student groups will have their student group status extended through September 30, 2023. Visit (opens in a new tab) if you are unsure of your student group's standing. Only currently registered groups have active profiles on GopherLink. Groups interested in changing their official name or classification may submit their request at (opens in a new tab). Student groups are encouraged to reference the Classification Change Checklist (opens in a new tab) for additional information.

While there will be no formal re-registration requirement for 2022-2023, student groups are strongly encouraged to update their student group information on GopherLink at (opens in a new tab) in order to ensure uninterrupted access to student group resources.

It is recommended that a current officer take the following action steps to update their profile in GopherLink:

  • Update your group’s roster with five officer names and emails
  • Review the profile categories for your group
  • Check your group’s description
  • Add your group’s contact information and social media handles

Officers of multiple organizations should submit separate profile updates for each group they are a part of. Updates will be reflected in your group GopherLink profile (opens in a new tab). The form will remain open throughout the entire academic year. Updates may be submitted as needed. All updates must be completed before the beginning of the next re-registration cycle.

Any questions regarding this new process can be directed to (opens in a new tab). Student groups may request a General Advising Appointment with their assigned Student Group Service Advisor at (opens in a new tab). More information about the name change and classification change processes can be found at (opens in a new tab).

Contact the Registration Assistant at with roster update requests and any questions.