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Grant Process Overview

  1. Apply for grant online in accordance with listed Application Due Dates. Its recommended that applicants apply at least two grant cycles in advance of their event date, to allow time for re-application and to improve likliehood of any awarded funding being received prior to event date. Start Your Online Application.
  2. Continue planning your event while waiting to receive grant award notification. Please see the Sample Event Planning Worksheet.
  3. Grant application reviewed by the Student Group Grant Committee.
  4. After receiving the grant award notification email, schedule a pre-event meeting with a Student Activities Advisor by calling 612-626-6919 or emailing This meeting must take place within two weeks of the award notification email in order to retain the grant award.
  5. If you receive a notification indicating no award was granted, then no further action is necessary. We encourage you to apply for other events in the future.
  6. Pick up your grant check 3-5 weeks after your pre-event meeting in the Student Activities Office in room 126 Coffman Union after receiving a grant check notification email. Campus Life Program (CLPs), University Departments, and individuals will receive their grant award through EFS transfer.
  7. If your group was awarded Coca-Cola Product as part of your grant award, place your order with Coca-Cola directly at least two weeks prior to your event. You will receive further instructions regarding how to place your order at the pre-event meeting.
  8. Host your event.
  9. Immediately following the completion of your event, schedule a post-event meeting with the advisor you met with for your pre-event meeting by calling the Student Activities Office at 612-626-6919 or emailing The post-event meeting must be completed within 30 days after the last day of your event.
  10. Complete the Project Evaluation, Financial Report, compile all event receipts, and bring to the post-event meeting.

Important notes regarding pre-event and post-event meetings:

  • All advisor meetings are required components of the grants process and it is your responsibility to schedule and attend these meetings by the assigned deadlines to retain your current grant award and to maintain eligibility for future grant applications.
  • You must be listed as an officer on the SUA website in order to represent your group at the pre- and post-event meetings OR have documentation from a listed officer that you are representing the group for the purposes of the grant. If you are not a listed officer, please bring a valid U-card to verify your student status.
  • If you have been awarded Student Services Fees (SSF) Event Grant funding and the event is in partnership with other groups, an officer from each of the partnering groups must be present at the pre- and post-event advisor meetings. It is also required that an officer from each partnering organization sign all grant paperwork (Statement of Agreement and Financial Report) throughout the grants process.