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Student Unions & Activities provides hundreds of paid student employment positions in the areas of Retail, Administration, Facilities, Marketing & Design and more. We offer competitive pay ranges from $8 to $13.50 and Student Development Outcomes with all positions. You must be a current University of Minnesota student enrolled at least half-time (undergraduate student, six credits; graduate student, three credits) to qualify for a student position. Please note that we are only taking applications for positions that have openings listed below.

Student Unions & Activities also offers stipend leadership positions for our Program Board Committee. Recruitment for these positions takes place at the start of Spring semester. There are also many volunteer opportunities for those interested in making a difference at the University. Not only can this be a great resume builder, but you can also have a hand in deciding what kind of events your student fees will be used for.

Questions? Please feel free to contact with any questions or concerns.

Student Job Postings

Title Openings Description Date Posted Category
Custodian - SPSC 1

Custodians assist in the general cleaning of offices, meeting rooms, restrooms, lounges, etc and ... Read more

Updated 09/30/16 Facilities
Customer Service Associate with Gopher Express West 1

The primary role of Gopher Express West Customer Service Associates is to provide front line ... Read more

Updated 10/12/2016 Retail
Senior Student Manager with Gopher Spot 1

The primary role of Gopher Spot Senior Student Managers is to assist full-time managers in the ... Read more

11/16/2016 Retail
St. Paul Event Services Attendant - Intermediate Level 2

This position is a part of Student Unions & Activities (SUA) and is based at the St. Paul ... Read more

Updated 9/30/2016 Facilities
Student Backend Web Developer 1

Student Backend Web Developers report directly to the Senior Web Developer. Students can gain ... Read more

11/28/2016 Marketing
Student Manager with Gopher Express West 1

The Gopher Express West Student Manager position reports directly to the Gopher Express West ... Read more

11/21/16 Retail

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