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Second Floor Spaces

Managing Access to Group-Designated Space

Each group can have two individuals who can manage an access list for their Designated space. The President or Chair of the group will automatically receive access through their U of M email account to the Student Group Access List Google site.

The President/Chair may designate one additional individual to assist with access updates, and only these individuals may add and remove members from the card swipe locks by submititng an access request form via the Student Group Access List Google site.

Should a group member with valid access not have their U Card with them they will be able to have the space opened by showing a photo ID at the 2nd floor Services Desk or the Coffman Information Desk on the 1st floor.

Ten (10) cabinet keys can be issued to each group’s built in cabinets. Keys are issued only to individuals. Keys can be also be requested via the Student Group Access List Google site.

Lost or damaged keys are subject to a $10 replacement fee. Keys must be turned into Beth Galatis at the Coffman Information Desk when they are no longer needed and cannot be transferred from one individual to another.

For more information about how the SUA student Board of Governors has determined Student Group-Designated space visit Student Group Space on Coffman Union’s Second Floor – Frequently Asked Questions.