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Second Floor Kitchen

The second floor kitchen is to be used by currently registered student groups only.  The kitchen is available for use during regular building hours only.  The kitchen is classified as a residential kitchen, not a commercial kitchen.  Therefore, only food for individual consumption or for small private meetings can be prepared in the kitchen.  It is not to be used to prepare food for large private events or public events/meetings. All use of the kitchen must be in compliance with the University of Minnesota Department of Environmental health and Safety’s Policy for Serving Food or Refreshments on University Property in Association With Meetings, Social Gatherings, and Special Events. This policy can be viewed online at

Policy and Procedures


  1. The kitchen is available on a first come, first served basis.
  2. The kitchen is designed so that two groups may use the space concurrently. 
  3. The kitchen is to remain locked at all times for safety and security reasons. 
  4. For student groups with office space on the second floor of Coffman, the same students granted card swipe access to office space will also have access to the kitchen.
  5. Student groups without office space on the second floor of Coffman have two options for accessing the space:
    1. Officers who plan to use the kitchen regularly can be granted card swipe access.  Officers should contact to set up a brief meeting where access will be granted.
    2. Any officer without card swipe access can go to the Information Desk, present a driver’s license or U Card, and request access to the kitchen.  A SUA staff person will unlock the kitchen for the officer.
    3. Only student group officers listed on the SUA website will be granted access.
  6. Card swipe access must be renewed each year.


  1. Do not cook food directly on the stove tops.
  2. When cooking or baking, exhaust hood must be used at all times.


  1. SUA custodial staff will clean the kitchen floors and empty the trash on a daily basis.
  2. Each student group is responsible for cleaning the kitchen after they use it.  Student Activities will provide cleaning supplies (consisting of dish soap, dish rags, and paper towels). The student group is responsible for cleaning all countertops and appliance surfaces.
  3. SUA will not provide dishes or cooking utensils.  All dishes and cooking utensils must be provided by each individual student group.  Washing of dishes and utensils is also the responsibility of each individual student group.
  4. Dirty dishes and dirty cooking utensils left in the kitchen at the end of the day will be disposed.  Clean dishes left in the dishwasher will be put the “lost and found” at the Information Desk.
  5. Instructions for the dishwasher are posted in the kitchen.  Please follow these instructions carefully and note that the dishwasher does not use soap.  It uses scalding hot water to clean the dishes.
  6. There is a sign posted next to each refrigerator with “throw out” days listed as every other Monday.  At the end of these days, SUA deep-night custodial staff will throw away all items in the refrigerator. 
  7. SUA is not responsible for lost items such as dishes, Tupperware, etc.

Loss of Privileges and Damages:

  1. Failure to adhere to the above policy may result in the offending person and/or student group losing kitchen access privileges or the student group being placed on probation.
  2. Any damages to the kitchen will be charged to the student organization that caused the damage.
  3. The student group may incur charges for custodial services required above and beyond normal cleaning as a result of their use of the kitchen.