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Engagement and Involvement

Office for Student Engagement

The University of Minnesota defines engagement as “looking at what students do to enhance their overall learning and personal development.” This is an intentional process to provide real-world experiences that allow students to develop the skills and outcomes that will help them be better citizens and leaders.

Student Engagement is more than being involved in activities and experiences; it is investing time and energy into intentionally learning about, reflecting on and understanding those experiences. The Office for Student Engagement helps undergraduate students get connected to co-curricular experiences and opportunities that will allow them to explore, develop and reflect in ways that are meaningful for them and will contribute to their academic and personal success. They offer engagement tools which can assist student group leadership as well as individuals and student groups with their overall recruitment efforts.

Student Development Outcomes

The University of Minnesota is committed to providing the best undergraduate experience possible for its students and to prepare them for the next stages of their lives. A big part of that preparation is the growth that students achieve through their involvement outside of the classroom in activities like membership in student organizations. To track student growth, the University has identified seven Student Development Outcomes that are areas in which successful students should develop during their college experience.

Through membership in your student organization, you have an excellent opportunity to further your own experience, development, and preparation for life after college As leaders of your organization, you have an opportunity to ensure that your organization provides growth opportunities for other students as well.

Students are looking for such opportunities and the Engage! Search is a main resource in which students can find engagement opportunities throughout campus and help make these opportunities a meaningful part of their college experience. No matter what your group is or does, you are providing university students with an important involvement/engagement opportunity.

The Engage! Search can be a useful recruitment tool for your student group. Through the Engage! Search, students use key words to find different student groups and other opportunities on campus. If any of the key words match the name of your student group or your student group profile, students will find a link to your website on their list of results. Consider using clear and accurate words to describe what your student group’s purpose is.

Other opportunities available across campus are more specific to the development and growth of the individual students. These opportunities are offered through various departments on campus for specific student populations - we encourage you to check out online information for more details.


Leadership Education and Development Undergraduate Programs offers a Leadership Minor with academic courses aimed at teaching leadership. They also offer co-curricular programs designed to support student at different levels of leadership.

Social Justice Leadership Retreat

Housing and Residential Life offers the Social Justice Leadership Retreat designed to help educate students about the concepts of social justice and community leadership. They also offer a Leadership Development Program specifically for students who live on campus.