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Student Group Records

Once a student group officially registers with the University of Minnesota, Student Unions & Activities maintains an official file/record for the group to be housed in Student Activities. Some contents of this file are considered a matter of public record, specifically any forms pertaining to the group’s registration, constitution, classification or status.

Student Activities maintains paper files for registered student groups. Each group’s file contains registration information from each annual registration period within the group’s history, which includes Officer Declaration Forms and Constitutions.

Student Activities student group files do not include event history and promotion, membership lists or complete officer listings if transition occurred throughout the registration year. We encourage your group to maintain its own archives and history records, which capture: the mission and purpose of your group, annual and notable events, leadership retreats, and full listings of officers and members. Also, we encourage your group to keep track of your meeting agendas and minutes. Please see the Student Group Finances section for expectations and best practices regarding financial record-keeping.

If you would like information from your student group’s paper file in Student Activities please submit a Request for Student Group Documents.

To update your student group’s electronic record, please go here.

Submitting Materials to the University Archives

As a student group, you will have an almost entirely new member base every four years. The University Archives are one way to preserve the history of your organization and keep a record of all of your hard work even after all current members of your group have left the University.

The materials found in the University Archives may be one of the only sources through which future students and/or researchers will be able to understand the history of your student group.

Registered student groups can submit all sorts of materials to the archives, including:

Administrative Records

  • Annual and other reports
  • Budgets and financial summary documents
  • Charters and by-laws
  • Correspondence
  • Directories or lists of officers and members
  • Mission statements
  • Meeting minutes

Marketing Materials and Publications

  • Posters, flyers, announcements, or programs
  • Newsletters, newspapers, brochures, or books by or about the organization
  • Scrapbooks
  • Websites (URL must contain or be domain owned by the University)

Photographs, film and videos in all formats documenting University activities, functions, facilities, and its faculty, staff and students. Must be identified in some way (such as dates, names, or captions).

Uploading Content

The University Digital Conservancy program is the “digital arm” of the University Archives and provides access to digital scholarly, administrative, and organizational records of the University of Minnesota. Student groups are welcome to upload content that is created digitally in order to preserve it and make it broadly available. Meeting minutes, reports, and newsletters are some types of material to consider preserving digitally.

Example: Hmong Minnesota Student Association (HMSA)

Get started by contacting the University Archives at or 612-624-0562. You can also learn more about transferring materials to the University Archives.

You will be asked a few questions about your files that will save you some time in advance. In certain cases, a staff member can make a site visit to assess your records.