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Student Group Training Opportunities

The Student Activities Office aims to enhance the student group leader experience by providing in person and online training opportunities.  Here you will find the trainings and workshops we offer along with a brief overview of each.  You can register for a training session on GopherLink as they are scheduled throughout the year. If you are not able to find any available training dates, please contact the Student Activities Office at (612) 626-6919 or and schedule a meeting with a Student Activities Advisor for individualized training.

Training Opportunities

Event Planning

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This session introduces basic event planning skills and resources. We begin with a briefreview of the brainstorming and goal setting process the move into key elements to consider when planning and budgeting for your event. We share online planning tools, review permitting requirements, share tips on how to work with venue staff, and discuss evaluation methods.  By the end of the session, you should have a solid foundation for planning student group events on campus.

Financial Management

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This session educates your group for financial success. This includes guidance on budgeting, tracking expenses and income, record keeping, and other best practices. By attending the session, you receive templates for general ledgers, annual budgets and event budgets – vital documents to the financial success of your student group!

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This session introduces the benefits and features of GopherLink!  From event calendar to membership rosters, photo and document storage to service hours, there are many ways to enhance your student group management.


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This session is for student groups eager to learn more about writing a successful Student Unions & Activities grant application. We review best practices for the grant application process and highlight information about the different grants available for student group initiatives and events. Additionally, insight into the grant committee’s decision making process is introduced to help you write a more effective application.

Membership 101

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This interactive session will provide student group leaders best practices and ideas to engage members in student group activities and operations. We will discuss how to seek new members, methods for engaging your members, and ideas for developing your members into future leaders of your group.

Officer Transition

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This session will provide a framework and resources for student group leaders to implement effective officer transitions and to assist incoming and outgoing officers through the transition process. The session also reviews a sample officer retreat and potential activities to facilitate with the group’s leaders. 

Outdoor Space

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This session will cover best practices for filling out the application, important policies that could impact your reservation, how to successfully complete a diagram, and information about related permits that may be required. You will learn about deadlines, timelines, and the review process. Those that are hosting 5Ks can stay at the end of the session for specifics related to 5Ks including information about the route, required waivers, and insurance.


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This session is for student groups classified as Registered Student Organizations (RSOs). The session reviews the differences between operating as a nonprofit, having nonprofit status, and being Tax Exempt. The session also informs student groups of tax obligations related to income and payroll.