Student Groups: Welcoming Incoming Students

Student groups often consider how to welcome and invite new students to their group, and the beginning of each semester is an ideal time to recruit. Student Unions and Activities has created opportunities for groups to welcome incoming graduate, professional, and undergraduate students to your group, and allow incoming students to explore the groups that are available. Please see the current opportunities for August and September 2020 below.

Please contact the Student Activities Office at or 612-626-6919 with questions.

As incoming students look for groups to join, they seek current information about officers, how to join, and more to help with their decision. Visit the GopherLink Profile page for instructions and recommendations on updating your group’s information.

Virtual Welcome Events

Many student groups are hosting Virtual Welcome Events as a way to engage incoming students. These events will take place during the first two weeks of Fall semester 2020 and will be promoted to all incoming undergraduate, graduate, and professional students. The list of events may be viewed here:

Student Group Flipgrid Fair

The Student Group Flipgrid is now ready for all registered student groups to start posting videos. This is a great opportunity for student groups to show incoming students what their group is all about in a more personal and dynamic way in lieu of an in-person activities fair. Student groups can upload any number of videos that respond to the categories and prompts provided on Flipgrid.

There are two Flipgrid spaces for incoming students: one for undergraduate student groups, one for graduate and professional student groups. Both Flipgrid spaces are made available to incoming students at the beginning of each semester.

Incoming students will be able to view and comment on any videos, and connect with groups that spark their interest. Student groups should post videos before their target student population gets access to Flipgrid. Please plan accordingly.

Student groups must follow these steps in order to participate in the FlipGrid:

Student groups can find more information about this opportunity at