Training Opportunities

The Student Activities Office aims to enhance the student group leader experience by providing training opportunities.

Student groups can request access to the following trainings on Canvas:

  • Financial Management
  • Outdoor Space
  • SUA Grants

Student group officers, staff and faculty can request access to student group specific trainings at Student groups may request a general advising appointment with a Student Activities Advisor at

Contact the Student Activities Office at for more information.

Student Group Town Halls

The Student Activities Office is hosted two virtual Town Halls catered to student groups on February 2-3. The purpose of these town halls was to provide important student group related updates and answer frequently asked questions (FAQs) submitted by attendees.

The Student Activities Office shared updates on:

  • Re-Registration
  • Student Group Events
  • Resources on Sexual Misconduct in student groups

The Student Activities Office recorded the student group updates and FAQs from the second town hall for students who are unable to attend the town halls. The recording with closed captioning can be viewed at

Student groups may schedule General Advising appointments with Student Activities Advisors at Contact the Student Activities Office at with questions.


The Student Activities Office will be hosting two webinars for student groups this summer. Each webinar will be recorded and available with closed captioning for individuals who are unable to attend approximately a week after each webinar. Students, staff and faculty are welcome to attend. Registrants are encouraged to submit questions in their registration form.

Recruitment Resources on August 11, 2021 at 12:00 PM

This webinar will be focused on reviewing University pathways to recruit new members and the resources available to student groups particularly in the fall semester. Students and advisors may register at (opens in new tab).

Advisor Connections Meeting

The Student Group Services Team hosted a meeting for student group advisors on Wednesday, July 14 providing updates and a chance to connect across the University. The recording with closed captioning can be viewed at (opens in a new tab).

Previous Webinars

Information Security

This training was focused on practices catered to Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) who manage their own finances and store their own data. Information security is the process and methods designed and implemented to protect confidential, private and sensitive information or data from unauthorized access, misuse, disclosure, destruction, or modification.

The recording with closed captioning can be viewed at

Hosting a Virtual Officer Retreat

This training was focused on supporting groups who would like to host a virtual officer retreat. An officer retreat is an opportunity to step away from normal meeting spaces and to review the group holistically. This training will provide recommendations on holding this retreat in an online setting.

The recording with closed captioning can be viewed at

Tax-Exempt Status

This webinar focused on providing general information to Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) that is available online on the SUA website, the State of Minnesota, and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Be advised that Student Activities staff are not tax advisors or experts. Specific tax questions can be addressed by a tax advisor or CPA.

The recording with closed captioning can be viewed at The slide deck can also be viewed at

Sexual Misconduct Prevention

This webinar focused on discerning healthy, unhealthy and abusive relationship related to preventing sexual misconduct. This webinar was co-hosted with The Aurora Center.

Due to the confidential nature of the workshop, no recording will be available. Students may reference the slide deck at and for student group resources related to sexual misconduct prevention, response and restoration.

Students may schedule a General Advising appointment at if they have any questions or concerns about their operations.