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Student Group Conduct Process

Once an incident report is filed, or should SUA be made aware of a possible policy violation, Student Activities staff along with staff from related University departments, will discuss the violation and possibilities for resolution with the parties involved. Staff will meet to review the incident report with the reporting individuals as well as meet to review the incident report with registered officers of the group alleged to have violated policy.  The timing for this follow up will depend on the immediacy of the situation. 

Student Unions & Activities will work with other campus departments as specific situations dictate and reserves the right to forward any incident report to parties SUA deems most appropriate at any time. The incident report filed and all paperwork related to the violation will be forwarded on to the appropriate office or department on campus if needed.  Incidents involving Campus Life Programs will also be handled by Student Unions & Activities with the consultation of the affiliated department.  For possible violations of the Student Conduct Code, Student Unions & Activities will work with the Office for Student Conduct and Academic Integrity.

Depending on information gathered, one of the following will occur:

  • Dismissal of the incident report
  • Informal resolution, including mediation
  • Student group will be given corrective measures/sanctions that may affect the student group registration status.

Sanctions/corrective measures may include, but are not limited to:

  1. Administrative warning, official letter on file
  2. Change in Student Group Status to Probation, Suspended, Dissolved, affecting access to Student Group Benefits.
  3. Developmental workshops and/or educational programs for group officers
  4. Suspension of the use of student group space in SUA
  5. Reimbursement and/or community services related to the infraction
  6. Referral of the matter onto the Student Services Fees Committee for issues regarding the possible revocation of fees
  7. Referral of the matter to a different office within the University

If a student group wishes to file an appeal of the imposed sanctions or corrective measured given, they may do so in writing to the Senior Associate Director of Student Unions & Activities within 30 days of receiving sanctions/corrective measures. The Senior Associate Director may either hear the appeal or refer the appeal to any of the following offices:

Any concerns regarding the Policy Violation process can be filed with the Senior Associate Director, Student Unions & Activities.