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Student Group Academic Eligibility Certifications

Student groups are occasionally required to provide certification of student members academic or registration status at the University of Minnesota in order to participate in off campus activities (such as athletic competitions). The Office of the Registrar can certify your student group members’ eligibility (academic standing). Gather eligibility documents (any documents required to be completed and submitted to the sponsoring organization) and follow the below instructions.

  1. Complete the Consent to Release Academic Information form. Your group will need to complete this form and each member will need to sign the form by their name. This will authorize the inspection of their records and the release of their academic information to the University’s Office of the Registrar for the purpose of verifying student eligibility for academic and/or scholarship awards programs.

  2. Return Consent to Release Academic Information form and eligibility document(s) to:

    One Stop Student Services Center
    University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
    333 Bruininks Hall
    222 Pleasant St. S. E.
    Minneapolis, MN 55455-0239

  3. The Office of the Registrar will process your request. Delays can occur if incomplete documentation is submitted. The Academic Certification team will contact you via email with any questions. Normal processing is 2-3 business days and you will be contacted via email that you can retrieve your forms from One Stop, at the above address when they are complete.

Please contact the Academic Certification team at with any questions regarding forms or the above process.