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Online Room Booking

For University Departments and Student Groups:

To complete a reservation inquiry, you must have a Mazévo user account.

Once an account is set up by the Event Services staff, you will receive an email from @Mazé that will contain a link for the user to confirm their email and create their password. Please note that this link will expire after one day.

For University Guests:

For all University Guest booking inquiries or questions in Coffman Memorial Union or the St. Paul Student Center please contact the Event Services Office at or call (612)-624-9927.

  1. Log in to Mazévo.
  2. Click My Events.
  3. Click Add New Request.
  4. Type the event name.
  5. Select the organization.
    You'll only be able to see organizations that the Mazévo administrator has allowed you to make requests for.
  6. Indicate the number of people who will attend the event.
    This is required and will be used to show you rooms that can accommodate that number of people.
  7. Select the start time and end time.
  8. Select the dates.
    You can indicate that this is a recurring event by selecting an option from the Repeat drop-down menu. Or you can click the recurring dates on the calendar.
  9. Select the buildings that you wish to schedule rooms in.
  10. Click Find Rooms.
    You'll be presented with a list of rooms that are available for every date that you selected at the requested time.
  11. Click the box next to the room or rooms you want to request.
  12. Respond to any questions listed.
  13. Click Submit.

Once your request is submitted, you'll see it listed under My Events as Pending. You'll be notified by email once the request has been reviewed and approved or declined.

How do I view my reservations?

To access information on your events or enter new requests, tap My Events. Here you can:

  • View existing events you are associated with.
    • This includes events you have submitted through the mobile app or events that an event planner has entered for you in Mazévo and listed you as a primary or secondary contact.
  • Add new event requests including dates, times, location, and service needs, and answer additional questions about your requests.

When can my group reserve a space?

  • Large event space requests must be submitted to the Event Services Office no less than four weeks before the date of the event.
  • Reservations will not be confirmed until the client or organization provides all event details and contact information. A written confirmation will be emailed after all the necessary information is collected, reviewed, and approved.
  • Reservations for events occurring during the academic year may be made up to one year in advance, with the exception of annual event reservations.
  • For more information regarding annual event reservations please reference the Event Services Policies.

Can my student group co-host an event with an outside company, non-profit, or UMN department?

Co-hosting with an outside company or non-profit can be a very rewarding and educational experience for your group. However, the rules regarding co-hosting an event with anyone other than a fellow UMN registered student group are very strict. In order to receive the student group benefits, including reduced rates, the entirety of the event must be initiated, programmed, planned, and executed by the registered student group members.

Priority Scheduling

Priority scheduling is a predetermined time when SUA Event Services invites clients to submit their annual reservation requests for the following academic year. The process provides priority first to registered student organizations and campus life programs, then to UMN departments, and finally to university guests.

SUA Event Services accepts priority reservation requests for the following event venues:

Coffman Memorial Union (CMU)

  • Great Hall
  • CMU Theater
  • Mississippi Room
  • Presidents Room
  • Whole Music Club

St. Paul Student Center (SPSC)

  • North Star Ballroom
  • SPSC Theater
  • Cherrywood Room

When do I submit my priority reservation request?

SUA Event Services will begin accepting annual event reservation requests from registered student groups, university departments, and guests in June of each year.

How do I submit my event requests when priority scheduling opens?

Student groups, departments, and guests that are eligible for priority scheduling will be sent an email inviting them to submit their annual event requests. Reservation requests can be submitted online only using our Google form. The link to the Google form will be sent to clients prior to June. Event Services will not accept any reservations over the phone or through walk-in requests.

Requests received during the priority scheduling window will be reviewed and accepted based on SUA Event Services policies. Submitting a request for a venue & event does not guarantee acceptance of that request. However, we will do everything we can to accommodate one of your top three date choices. A reservation is not confirmed until you have received a confirmation.

Is my event eligible for priority scheduling?

Events are eligible for priority scheduling when they have been hosted two or more consecutive years in a CMU or SPSC venue. If your event is eligible for priority scheduling and you would like to be added to the contact list, please reach out to the CMU Event Services Office at

Reservations Day

What is Reservations Day?

On Reservations Day, all currently registered student organizations and campus life programs may make weekly conference room, contact table, and display case reservations in Coffman Memorial Union (CMU) and the St. Paul Student Center (SPSC) for the upcoming semester.

When is Reservations Day hosted?

Reservations Day takes place in July for the upcoming fall semester and again in December for the spring semester. These scheduling dates provide student groups an opportunity to request reservations up to one semester in advance.

How can I prepare for Reservations Day?

In order to submit requests on Reservations Day, student groups must be currently registered with the Student Activities Office. Students also have to be a listed officer of their student group on GopherLink in order to make reservations. If submitting a conference room request, it is important to determine the expected attendance and room set up preferences ahead of time.

How do I submit my group’s requests on Reservations Day?

Space requests can be submitted online only using our Google form. The link to the Google form will be sent to student officers one week prior to Reservations Day. The form will go live at 9:00 AM on Reservations Day. Event Services will not accept any reservations over the phone or through walk-in requests.

What are the limitations on reserving conference rooms, contact tables, and display cases for the semester?

Conference Rooms:

Student groups are allowed one free conference room per week with a five hour maximum. Additional conference room reservations will be billed at the department rates.

Contact Tables:

Student groups are permitted 12 contact table reservations per semester.

Display Cases:

Student groups may reserve a display case for (2) one week periods per academic year. Display cases reservations run from 1pm Monday to 12pm the following Monday.

Contact the Event Services Office at with any questions relating to Coffman Memorial Union or with any questions relating to the St. Paul Student Center.