Student Job: Marketing Assistant


Department: Marketing


● Current U of MN - Twin Cities degree-seeking student. See Student employment eligibility

● Basic understanding of introductory marketing and communications principles

(this could be obtained through coursework or class projects).

● Must demonstrate effective written and oral communication skills

● Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

● Basic understanding and experience with social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter,

Instagram, Snapchat, etc.)

Preferred Qualifications

● Experience working in marketing

● Editorial, persuasive and copywriting experience

● Media relations experience

● Marketing, Advertising, or related major

● Multimedia (photography and video) experience

Essential Functions:

Marketing Assistants work with staff Marketing Managers in developing content for

various mediums (ads, posters, brochures, web pages, social media, press releases,

etc.). They gather and analyze research, including competitive, market, and customer

research. The Marketing Assistants work designated events to administer surveys and

hand out promotional materials.

Duties and Responsibilities:

● 45% Create Content: Develop content for various mediums including but not

limited to ads, posters, brochures, web pages, listservs, videos, social media,

and press releases

● 30% Administrative: Meet with assigned areas to implement and assess ongoing

marketing efforts

● 15% Compile and Analyze Research: Gather and analyze research including

categories of competitive, market, traffic and web usage data

● 10% Other Duties: Other duties as assigned, including, but not limited to

customer service, implementation of promotional events and general office


Opportunities for Skill Development on the Job:

Students participate in experiences outside the classroom which allow them to develop and demonstrate life skills. These skills and characteristics for success and citizenship are learned and refined during their college years and beyond. The Office for Student Affairs has developed seven Student Development Outcomes that the Student Unions & Activities has incorporated into the student employment system in the Unions. Here is a listing of the Student Development Outcomes with some examples of how you can learn or further develop your own skills set.


  • Takes ownership of work duties and responsibilities, and ensures they are completed accurately and on time
  • Presents himself/herself in a friendly and professional manner
  • Performs assigned duties and responsibilities consistently and correctly


  • Seeks instruction from supervisor and asks when unclear of tasks, procedures or how to correct errors
  • Demonstrates clear and effective communication with supervisors and team members
  • Works independently when needed; seeks assistance to find unknown information

Goal Orientation

  • Manages time in order to complete all required and/or assigned duties and tasks
  • Seeks guidance from senior employees and supervisors to make improvements in job knowledge and performance
  • Seeks to improve oneself at work as well as the working environment


  • Displays friendly and helpful attitude with customers and peers
  • Can separate the demands of the job and customers from personal concerns and ego
  • Acknowledges own strengths and weaknesses


  • Able to work through difficulties when they arise
  • Recovers from and continues to work successfully following disappointments
  • Accepts direction and constructive criticism from supervisor

Appreciation of Differences

  • Respects the values and beliefs of others
  • Appreciates the uniqueness in each customer, coworker, supervisor
  • Treats all customers, peers and supervisor respectfully

Tolerance of Ambiguity

  • Demonstrates a willingness to attempt new tasks
  • Employs basic problem-solving skills and looks to supervisor for guidance as needed
  • Maintains composure and professionalism when faced with difficult or new situations

*The employer reserves the right to change or add duties to this position as long as the changes and/or additions are consistent with the job classification.