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Bits Variety Show

WWithin playing at the Whole Music Club.

The funny bits, the loud bits, the scary bits, the naughty bits, and the good bits. See 'em all at BITS, the Whole Music Club's free variety show series that takes place each fall and features moderately talented U of M performers, before they move onto bigger and brighter stages.

Battle of the Bands

Student band on stage at BOTB.

Battle of The Bands is an annual competition that takes place throughout the spring semester where student bands go head-to-head for a chance at fame and the opportunity to perform at the U of M’s  Spring Jam™ festival. Bands are pitted against each other in one of four preliminary shows and mustwin over the hearts of the audience in order to advance in the competition. Winners of each show then face off in a grueling final round during the week of Spring Jam™ for their shot at glory. Only the worthy will ascend to claim the title of campus’s best band!

For more information and to enter, check out the Spring Jam website.

Past Battle of the Bands Winners


Winner: Vessel
Runner-Up: Early Eyes



Winner: Mayfield
Runner-Up: Drift