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Concert Dance Policy

This is a document that is very important to be familiar if you are planning any sort of event that includes music. This is a great document to read while watching the movie "Footloose".

Concert Dance Policy.

Concert Dance Checklist

This is a handy checklist that can help guide you through the complicated task of planning a concert or dance at the Whole. (Seriously. We have people with advanced degrees going over this checklist with you.) It's a good idea to download this checklist and get everything filled out before you come to your planning meeting with the Whole Music Club staff.

Concert Dance Checklist.

Sample Reservation

This is an example of a dance concert reservation that happened in the Whole. You can expect to receive a confirmation that looks very similar to this one when you plan your event. Important parts of this document to note are: furniture and set-up requirements, AV tech requirements, and price for the room, AV, and security personnel. PS: That show rocked.

Sample Whole Concert Comfirmation.

Whole Tech Specifications

Wondering what brand of speaker cabinets we have in the Whole? Not interested in guessing about the exact size of the stage? Here's the document that tells you exactly what the Whole has to offer in terms of equipment and staging.

Whole Tech Specs.

Whole Tech Rider

This is a detailed explanation of what audio/visual needs you group has for all facets of your event, and is due in E+C office 2 weeks prior to your event. A tech rider needs to be filled out if your group is using Coffman’s AV services. The completed rider is needed by your AV technician well in advance of your show. We do a wide variety of events in the Whole and it's helpful if the tech knows whether to expect a Marshall stack or a sitar (or both.)

Whole Tech Rider.

Food Permit

The University requires a food permit in order to ensure the safe handling of food. This permit is due in the Event Services office 2 weeks prior to your event. This is a relatively simple form to fill out. If you are buying snacks at Rainbow or Cub, you can just put that name down on the form. If you are using an outside caterer, put their name on the form and the University will determine if they are a licensed caterer. Email us for more info about this form. She also has a short list of caterers that we recommend. I wouldn’t recommend the ravioli tonight, though. It's a tad dente.

Food Permit.

Fundraising & Sales Permit

If you plan to raise funds at your event, you must fill out this permit and submit to the Event Services office 2 weeks prior to your event. Ticket and merchandise sales are exempt from this policy, so your band can sell all of the black screen-printed t-shirts that they want.

Fundraising & Sales Permit.

Money, it's a Drag

Chances are, your group could use some help in funding your event. The Whole Music Club can help you! The Whole Music Club and the Twin Cities Student Unions seek to work in partnership with other entities to provide activities and events at the Whole for University of Minnesota students and the University community. Check out this handy information sheet for more information.

Whole Music Club Co-Sponsorship Info Sheet.

The Student Activities Office also has a certain amount of money set aside for groups who are putting on events that help enhance the campus community. Talk to a student activities advisor for more info on how to apply for these grants. They can walk you through the grant writing process.

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