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Parking Tips

Driving in circles for 30 minutes before a Whole show?! Here are the nuts and bolts of parking on campus for a show down in the Whole… plus a few money saving tips! Read carefully:

Park in the East River Road Garage! It’s the massive parking garage behind Coffman Memorial Union. There are two entrances: off of Delaware Street (behind Coffman between Yudof Hall and Comstock Hall) and from East River Road at the bottom of the hill. Take your pick!

Weeknight rates: $2.50-$12 (depending on how long you stay)

**HINT: Park after 5pm and it’s only $5! Bring your concert buddy and split it between you! (Be sure to be out by 7am the next day… our shows shouldn’t last that long, don’t worry.)

Weekend rates: Same deal as weeknight rates.

It’s that easy! So go park the car, come on down to the Whole, and enjoy the show!

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