Game Room Reservations 101

How to Make a Reservation

General Reservation Information

Anyone can make reservations in the Student Unions & Activities game rooms. Rates vary depending on University affiliation status. See our Reservations Rates for details. Reservations totaling $199.99 or less do not require a deposit; the entire balance is due at the time of the event. Reservations totaling $200.00 or more must pay 50% to confirm the event. The remaining balance is due at the time of the event.

Reservation Availability

Because the game rooms are student-focused facilities, there are many different student activities and programs taking place that may limit the size or restrict the timing of the reservations we are able to accept. While we may not be able to accept all reservation requests, we can work with you to see if we can find something that will meet your group’s needs.

The best way to verify availability is to fill out the Reservations Request Form and a game room manager will follow up with you and will discuss alternatives if necessary.

Reservations cannot be made during times the game rooms are scheduled to be closed, with the exception of overnight parties during academic breaks.

Goldy’s Gameroom reserves the right to limit reservations to six lanes.

If you have questions about Student Unions & Activities House Polices, please view our policies.

Bowling Information

We allow up to six people at one bowling lane, but we recommend 4 bowlers per lane for the best bowling experience.

Food and Beverage Options

Reservation holders can use our snack bar options at either location.

Guests are also welcome to bring in their own food and beverage or use a licensed caterer. We are a dry campus, so we do not serve alcohol. Reservation holders are able to bring in their own alcohol with the proper paperwork. Visit the Event Services website for more information.

Additional Information

Contact a Reservation Specialist via phone or email.

Goldys’ Gameroom in Coffman Memorial Union

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