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Reserve a Space

Student Unions & Activities reserves locations in Coffman Memorial Union and the St. Paul Student Center. Each building has a variety of conference rooms and large event spaces and can be reserved one year in advance. Student Groups and Departments can make reservations via our online reservation system. University Guest, please contact our office directly at (612) 624-9954 or by email at

Online Reservations System

Student Groups and Departments are able to make all reservations for event spaces in Coffman Memorial Union, the St. Paul Student Center, and Outdoor Spaces via our Virtual Reservations System. In order to make an online reservation, an account is needed to log in. Allow for 24 hours to process your request. You will receive an email with login information. If you have any questions, please contact the Event Services Office directly at 612-624-9954 or by emailing

User Accounts

To complete a reservation inquiry, you must have a user account. To create an account:

  • University Departments: Click “Request an Account” above and select “Department Account Request.”
  • Registered Student Groups: All groups were assigned an EMS account at Student Group Registration. To request account information, please email
  • University Guests: Please contact our office at or 612-624-9954

Once an account is requested, the Event Services (ES) staff will contact you with a username and password.

Browse for Space or Make an Inquiry

To make an inquiry, you must log in to this site.

  • Click on “Log In” and enter your username and password.
  • To browse for space, click “Check Availability” from the “Availability” drop down menu.
  • To make an inquiry, choose the appropriate option from the “Request a Space” drop down menu.
  • If you need assistance throughout the process, please contact us.


By submitting an inquiry, your group is not officially reserving the space(s) you select. All inquiries must be reviewed and approved by Event Services staff. Upon completion of our review, if the space is available, your group will receive a confirmation. Once a confirmation is sent, the event is considered “confirmed” and cancellation policies apply.

Reservation Policies

Student Unions & Activities operates three facilities on the University of Minnesota campus. All three facilities operate under the SUA House Policies. Additionally, the Event Services office has departmental policies that apply to all reservations in our facilities.

Outdoor Space

Events hosted at outdoor spaces on campus require an approved Outdoor Space Permit. You must apply for your space reservation and permit via the online system. Outdoor Space policies and procedures are outlined on the Outdoor Space website.

Space is available on a first come, first served basis, up to one year in advance, with the exception of contact tables. Contact tables may be reserved 6 weeks prior to the 1st day of the upcoming semester, including the start of May and Summer semesters. Prior to the start of each semester, groups can make two event reservations for the upcoming semester. After the start of the semester, the group may make four additional event reservations for that semester, depending upon availability of the space.