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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a reservation inquiry?
You must log on to this site. Click “Log In” above and enter your username and password.

How do I obtain a username and password?
You can fill out the request form or contact the Event Services staff at

Can my group have multiple user names?
Student Groups can only create one account that is used across all reservations for the Student Group. Event Services will create an account for your group with a username that will fit your group for years to come. University Departments, by the nature of the way they manage reservations, may need multiple user accounts and are encouraged to work with their Event Coordinator to determine what is most appropriate. Guests should contact Event Services to determine whether a username is necessary for their inquiry.

When can my group reserve a space/ When will the space be open for reservations?
In order to avoid a monopoly on space use by any customer, reservations may not be made to exceed more than five events per semester in the larger venues which include: CMU’s Great Hall, President’s Room, Whole Music Club, Theater and Mississippi Room. Reservations for events occurring during the academic year may be made up to one year in advance, with the exception of annual event reservations. Reservations for events during the summer and academic break periods may be made up to two years in advance.