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Ben Van Handel Outstanding Service Award

The Ben Van Handel Student Employee Outstanding Service Award is intended to recognize student employees that have shown exemplary work within Student Unions & Activities. Recipients of this award have shown outstanding achievement in customer service, leadership, teamwork, mentorship or innovation. They are positive role models, work effectively with staff of all levels and are exceptional team players.

Ben Van Handel was hired as a Gameroom Attendant in February of 2008 and promoted to Sr. Student Manager at the Gopher Spot in November 2009. Ben also participated in the internship class in Spring 2010 and acted as a SUA Ambassador, promoting Student Unions and Activities to incoming freshman and others. His overall performance, positive attitude and his dedication to Customer Service were remarkable. In his own words, Ben always tried to "treat any customer as if they are the only thing that matters to us." Ben tragically passed in April 2011.

SUA recognizes Ben's contributions to Student Unions & Activities as an exemplary employee, supervisor, leader, and team member with this award in his memory.

2018 Recipients

  • Allison Dodge, CMU Post Office
  • Foua Xiong, Gopher Express East
  • Devin Graf, Program Board
  • Brendan Buhler, Marketing
  • Kristina Newland, SPSC Event Services

2017 Recipients

  • Carmen Ho, Student Activities
  • Emmy Tong, Gopher Express East
  • Maya Smith, Gopher Express West
  • Ryan Schneider, Coffman Event Services
  • Rachel Novak, Gopher Express East

2016 Recipients

  • Cassidy Meerman, Concessions 
  • Holly Mahoney, Student Activities
  • Sonja Youngquist, SPSC Facilities & Operations 
  • Alex Diep, Student Activities
  • Dana Grady, Event Services 

2015 Recipients

  • Dominic Carlson, Gopher Express West
  • Lindsey Hendricks, CMU Information Desk
  • Katharine Imrie, Event Services
  • Samantha Visser, Event Services
  • Erik Kringen, Event Services

2014 Recipients

  • Elaine Caspers, Goldy’s Gameroom
  • Aubrey Villareal, Gopher Express West
  • Kaitlyn Hendrickson, Event Services
  • Flora Hsu, Gopher Express West
  • Sam Schippel, Gopher Express West

2013 Recipients

  • Alison Mach, SPSC Art Gallery
  • Allison Dahlen, SPSC Facilities & Operations
  • Rebecca Simon, CMU Information Desk
  • Chelsea Gibbs, Gopher Express West
  • Karly Wallack, Marketing

2012 Recipients

  • Eric White, Payroll
  • Katie Bukowski, Finance
  • Lizz Feldt, Event Services
  • Patrice Fick, Gopher Express
  • Jody Robinson, Gopher Spot