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Safety of Minors on Campus

Student Groups hosting minors for an event on campus are responsible to be aware of and in some cases adhere to the Regents policy on the Safety of Minors.

Student Groups that operate programs or activities on campus or in a University facility where minors attend without an accompanying adult, or when the program includes an overnight stay must certify to the University that all individuals who will have ongoing interaction with minors have received training and have undergone the criminal background check that meets or exceeds the University’s Health and Safety Requirements for Programs Involving Minors.

CLP’s would follow the Safety of Minors policy through involvement with a campus department. RSO’s responsibility for meeting safety requirements are similar to an outside organization using space on campus. Responsibility for meeting requirements are shown on the Safety of Minors - Requirements Grid attached to the Safety of Minors Policy.

For assistance in determining your group’s responsibility, please contact Student Activities at or 612-626-6919.

How to Adhere to the Safety of Minors Policy:

If it is determined that your group will have to meet the Safety of Minors requirements for an event on campus, your group will be responsible for completing the following steps. Program staff/Volunteers include paid or volunteer students or staff that will be working with minors as part of the group’s event.

  1. Program Staff/Volunteer Background Checks. Program staff/volunteers must complete a criminal background check, which includes a check of the National Sex Offender Public Registry (“sex offender registry”), both before hire or start of service and every three years thereafter.
    • Campus Life Programs should work with their department to have the Office for Human Resources perform a background check on program staff/volunteers.
    • Registered Student Organizations will need to coordinate background checks for program staff/volunteers. Groups can coordinate background checks by working with The McDowell Agency.  Groups should set up background check package #3 to be performed on their program staff/volunteers.  Groups do not need to collect personal information of program staff/volunteers.  Program staff/volunteers will work directly with the agency to go through a background check.
    • The McDowell Agency 
      Contact: Tim Landsberger 
      Local Phone: (651) 644-3880 
  2. Program Staff/Volunteer Training. Program staff/volunteers must also complete a training course prior to participating in activities with minors. The course will cover, at a minimum, abuse awareness, safeguards for minors, and mandatory reporting requirements. Groups may choose to provide additional training in these areas. Completion of this training is required, at a minimum, every three years. The University provides a training course through the ULearn site for students, staff and faculty. This training can also be viewed here for non-University program staff/volunteers not able to sign into ULearn.
  3. Safety Guidelines. Program staff/volunteers must receive orientation to the position, including staff/participant interactions, supervision responsibilities, health and safety regulations, and emergency procedures. The document Expectations for Program Staff When Interacting with Minors is one option for conveying expectations with program staff/volunteers as part of the orientation process and would be a way to document that the group’s program staff/volunteers are aware of these expectations.