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Student Group Name and Logo Use

Use of the University of Minnesota Name, Marks and Logos

Campus Life Programs (CLPs) are University entities and subject to all responsibilities and entitled to all privileges thereof, including use of the University names and symbols.

Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) cannot use the name University of Minnesota, any abbreviations thereof, or the University wordmark in conjunction with the name of the organization, including use for promotional materials or clothing. RSOs may use the word “University” or may indicate the geographical designation “at the University of Minnesota” (See Naming Your Student Group). Registered Student Organizations may use the block “M” and Goldy Gopher images in accordance with University graphic standards and policies. These images may not be used in a way that expresses or implies University endorsement or approval of the student group or its programs and activities. Contact University Relations at with questions about using these logos. Additional guidance:

Registered Student Organizations may use the block “M” and Goldy Gopher images:

  1. For events, on a case-by-case basis, with permission of University Relations.
  2. On promotional products or clothing, as permitted by University Relations upon request (items must be purchased from licensed vendors).
  3. On stationery, provided the registered student organization is a student governance organization (e.g., MSA, GAPSA) with permission of Student Unions and Activities to use the block “M” or Goldy image, and provided that the use is for governance activities and does not advocate a position that is contrary to that of the University.

Registered Student Organizations may not use the name of the University or any University trademark:

  1. In connection with alcoholic beverages, cigarettes or other tobacco products, sexually oriented products or services, religious products or services, political parties or partisan political activities, gaming or games of chance, or firearms.
  2. In any way that creates the impression that the University is a user of or endorses a product or service.
  3. In a manner that suggests or implies University endorsement of a point of view or personal, religious, or political opinion, business, activity, movement, or program that is not official University business. If there is potential for confusion in a statement describing affiliation with the University, the organization should use a disclaimer stating that the University is not involved in the business, activity, movement, etc.

Naming Your Student Group

Name registration and changes

By registering with Student Unions & Activities, groups reserve the right to the exclusive use of the group’s name. The same group name cannot apply to multiple groups. Upon registration, groups will be assigned a Group Identification Number that is permanently assigned to the group and will remain with the group despite changes to registration status (i.e. expired, probation, normal, new). This number will not change if the group name changes. Upon registration the group name will be listed in the Student Group Directory . In order to change the group’s name, a registered officer needs to submit a Name Change Request Form and an updated constitution reflecting the new group name.

Use of Copyrighted or For-Profit Organization Names

Student groups may not use any copyrighted names within their group’s name without written permission from the copyright owner. Student groups also may not use any for-profit organization’s name within their group’s name. Student Unions & Activities reserves the right to refuse registration to any group representing or using a copyrighted or for-profit organization. Housing organizations, such as apartment complexes, whose primary tenants are University of Minnesota students, may register one student group containing the name of that housing organization.

Use of “University of Minnesota”

Registered Student Organizations are independent of the University of Minnesota and their names may not imply that they are part of the University of Minnesota. Registered Student Organizations shall not use the name “University of Minnesota,” any abbreviation thereof or the University wordmark, or the word “Gopher” in conjunction with the name of the organization. Registered Student Organizations may use the word “University” or the geographical designation “at the University of Minnesota.” The following are examples of acceptable names for student groups: “The Gardening Club at the University of Minnesota,” “The Campus Gardening Club,” “The Minnesota Gardening Club,” “The Student Gardening Club,” and “The University Gardening Club”. “The University of Minnesota Gardening Club,” however, is not acceptable, as it implies that the club is part of the University. Any outside groups affiliated with or that support a Registered Student Organization are expected to abide by these same guidelines.