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University Facilities Use


  • Reserving a meeting room, event venue or contact table allows registered student groups to use space they are reserving only for their group’s purpose. Registered student groups specifically cannot reserve spaces for use by other student groups, University departments, outside groups, or individual use to provide access or reduced costs in using University facilities, services, or staff. Providing this inappropriate access to student group benefits may result in disciplinary action against the reserving student group.
  • University policy prohibits the use of University property by non-University entities for the purpose of revenue generation of the sale, solicitation or promotion of goods or services.
    • (Policy: Use and Lease of Real Estate: Appendix to Policy: Using and Leasing University Real Estate)
    • (Permissible Uses and Scheduling Priority, Non-Permissible uses 1 & 2)
  • Registered student groups may have non-University sponsors in support of a primary event; however, the primary purpose of the event cannot be non-University vendor or sponsor presence, promotion or sales.
  • When a registered student group has non-University sponsors of an event, insurance requirements and sponsorship agreements may be required.
  • While University facilities cannot be used for private commercial gain, student groups may use University facilities for revenue generation and is required to have an approved Sales and Fundraising permit.
  • Activities conducted by student groups using University facilities must not interfere with orderly University operation. Student groups have the responsibility to preserve conditions favorable to orderly and rational discussion.
  • Students who participate in any activity (e.g. meetings, programs, seminars) sponsored by a student group will conduct themselves in a manner that will not interfere with those activities, and attempt to restore an atmosphere conducive to free expression and cooperate with other individuals who are making such attempts if disruption occurs.

Procedures for Facilities Use

  1. Student groups must arrange for such use with the University department controlling the space. These include, but are not limited to: Coffman Memorial Union (612-624-9954), or St. Paul Student Center (612-624-8145), Classroom Space, concert and lecture halls, and sports facilities.
  2. Outdoor space, other than that specifically under the control of another University department, must be reserved through Student Unions & Activities.
  3. Student groups that use University facilities must abide by University safety regulations.
  4. The University shall have the authority to assess custodial, maintenance, and/or security fees for events conducted using University facilities.
  5. Student groups serving food on University facilities, including outdoor space, shall have food prepared in and/or provided by University of Minnesota Dining Services or a licensed commercial food service, and have an approved Food Permit through the University’s Department of Environmental Health and Safety or designated person at least five (5) days before the event. Any exception to the above shall be discussed with and approved by the University’s Department of Environmental Health and Safety a minimum of ten (10) days before the event.

Classroom Reservations

General purpose classrooms are scheduled by the Office of Classroom Management (OCM) scheduling unit. Events in general purpose classrooms must be compatible with the academic nature of classrooms and academic buildings and should not adversely impact the classroom, its contents, or the surrounding area.

Student Group Reservations

The OCM scheduling unit will accept requests from the following student groups:

  • University Campus Life Programs (CLP) groups (CLP designation includes insurance eligibility/certification and a University financial account number)
  • Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) who are officially registered with Student Unions & Activities (SUA)

The Office of Classroom Management schedules all events held in general purpose classrooms. Electronic requests for space may be submitted at any time by using the General Purpose Classroom Schedule Viewer and should be submitted at least 48 hours prior to the event. Requests for large capacity classrooms should be made at least 14 days before the event.

If the requesting group is not listed among the sponsoring organizations on the event request form, the group should select ‘Student Unions & Activities’ and type complete identification and contact information of the requesting group (including the student group ID number) in the comments section of the form.

Scheduling priority is given first to academic courses, secondly to academic seminars, and finally for general use.

Requests submitted before the scheduling unit has completed academic course scheduling will be held in the scheduling unit’s pending file and reviewed one week before the start of the semester.

Any student group requesting a general purpose classroom with a capacity greater than 100 will be required to sign a Use Lease Agreement. OCM writes up and processes general purpose classroom Use Lease Agreements for student groups.

Violation of the Event Scheduling Guidelines , Use Lease Agreement, University Policy, or other rules may result in suspension of the ability to use general purpose classrooms.

If you have questions about reserving a general purpose classroom email

Outdoor Space Reservatons

The University of Minnesota recognizes that currently registered student groups and University departments may use outdoor space on the Twin Cities campus on a space-available basis for programs and events.

A permit is required if you want to reserve space for an outdoor event on University of Minnesota property. Assembly without a permit is allowable under certain conditions. For more information on when a permit is required and when assembly can be done without a permit, please review the Using and Leasing University Outdoor Space: Twin Cities Policy.

All outdoor space events require significant planning time. For most events, 10 business days is the required minimum in order for your group to obtain space, however, if your event includes any displays or requires security, 20 business days is required. Your group may be required to have a longer timeline (up to 12 weeks) dependent upon the nature and scale of your event due to the large number of permits and approvals that may be required. For any outdoor event, submit your application as early as possible and work closely with a Student Activities Advisor to ensure successful planning.

Requests by registered student groups for outdoor space must be submitted to Student Unions & Activities prior to approval by other University Facilities. An outdoor space application and procedures is available online.

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