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Policies and Procedures

Student Group Policy Statement

The information on the Student Unions & Activities Student Group website is provided as a resource to help leaders organize their student groups and plan for events. While the Student Unions & Activities Student Group website is intended to be a summary of matters of interest, it is not a comprehensive listing of all rules and regulations pertaining to student groups. University departments may have their own procedures and policies that apply to student groups, which are not listed on the Student Unions & Activities Student Group website. The policies and procedures outlined are intended, in part, to clarify the University’s relationship to registered student groups and to reflect the institution’s concerns and interest for promoting awareness, values, and responsible behavior. Individuals who are functioning in the capacity of members of a registered student group will be held accountable for their conduct individually and collectively.

Student Activities advising staff is available to assist you with your questions and/or concerns. The Student Activities Office serves the University as advisors, educators, and administrators for students and student groups in order to create and foster leadership and involvement opportunities that enhance personal, interpersonal, and organizational development.

As a student group, policies from federal, state, and local levels all apply to you. You must remain in compliance with these, as well as University and departmental policies that apply. Find more information about University wide policies here. Please note that the Student Conduct Code applies to individuals and members of student groups and their activities both on and off-campus.

Student Group Internal Policies and Procedures

Student groups shall have the privilege and responsibility to develop and implement appropriate internal policies and procedures, governing operations, activities, and the conduct of members. These groups shall also be responsible for informing members of such policies and procedures, including the potential consequences if violated. The responsibility for development, implementation, administration, and enforcement of such policies and procedures shall be exercised on behalf of each student group by the group’s officers, in accordance with the group’s constitution and University policy.

Responsibility and Accountability

Registered officers of each student group are responsible and accountable for the individual and collective conduct of its members in the course of the group’s operations and activities. By registering a student group, all registered officers of the group declare that they are aware of and agree to abide by the University of Minnesota’s policies and regulations regarding student groups. They agree to follow the University’s Nondiscrimination statement as it applies to student group membership. Student group officers agree to the terms that student groups are to be initiated and operated by currently registered students, and that as an officer of a group, they must be enrolled for at least six credits. They also agree to have their officer information listed on the student group directory.

The benefits you are able to access, as an officer of a student group, are for your group’s use alone. For instance, reserving a meeting room, event venue or contact table allows you to use this space only for your group’s purpose. You specifically cannot reserve spaces for use by other student groups, University departments, outside groups, or individual use to provide access or reduced costs in using University facilities, services, or staff. Providing this inappropriate access to student group benefits may result in disciplinary action against your group.

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