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Coffman Second Floor services and resources are for use by University of Minnesota student groups that have registered with Student Unions & Activities (SUA).


Starting in Summer 2015, we will not have a student assistant staffing the 2nd-floor desk. For assistance, please come to the Student Activities Office (SAO) in Coffman 126 between 8:30am to 5pm. After 5pm, please go to the Info Desk for help.

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The supplies below are available for use by student groups. You must be a listed officer of a registered student group to borrow supplies.

To check out supplies, come to the front desk at the Student Activities Office between 8:30am-5pm. You will need to leave a state ID there. Supplies must be returned before 5pm. Your ID will be returned to you when the supplies are returned.

Supplies for use:

  • Office supplies (erasers, scissors, paperclips, staplers, rubber bands, post-its, pens, Scotch tape)
  • Three-hole punch
  • First-aid kit
  • Paper cutter

Supplies for checkout:

  • Cart
  • Cash bag
  • Washable markers
  • Sidewalk chalk

Note: Starting in Fall 2015, extension cables, HDMI cables, VGA cables and Mac adapters will be reservable through the Info Desk. Hammer staplers and sidewalk chalk can be found in the Student Activities Office (Coffman 126).


We offer wi-fi printing through Gopher Gold at the large printer in Multi-Use Space South.

Before you begin, download and install one of the following packages:

Printing Cost

  • $.10 per page single sided
  • $.05 per page double sided

Pay at the printer using Gopher Gold Value.

This service is brought to you courtesy of a partnership between Student Unions & Activities and the Office of Information Technology.

Printing Services

For poster, large format, or custom printing, we recommend Printing Services on campus. Printing Services offers a wide range of high-quality, cost-effective services, and has four campus locations. 


Student Group Locker/Storage

Multi-Use Space South (CMU 203): Student Group Locker/Storage Reservation Policies

The use of Student Unions & Activities (SUA) facilities must be in accord with SUA House Policies and Event Services Policies, specifically the Reservations - General Facility Use section.

Reservation Process Guidelines

Registered student groups in good standing with Student Unions and Activities may reserve space. Only listed officers are permitted to make reservations for SUA venues, though a listed officer may also designate student group members to reserve space on the second floor.

Reservations for second floor spaces, lockers and equipment are handled via the Second Floor reservations software (VEMS).

Storage space is available for student groups currently registered and in good standing with Student Unions and Activities with the exception of those groups who have designated space. Reservable lockers come in three sizes:

Locker dimensionLarge: Lockers 1-4
14” wide x 73.5” high x 31” deep

Small: Lockers 5-20
14” wide x 17.5” high x 31” deep

Medium: Lockers 21-29
39.5” wide x 24” high x 31” deep

Reservations are available each year starting on reservations day to registered student groups on a first-come, first-served basis via the Second Floor reservations software (VEMS). Groups can make short or long-term locker reservations.

Short-Term Reservations

Lockers #1 and #5 are available for short-term rental. Groups are allowed to reserve one short-term locker per day for up to 14 days during the academic year. 

Long-Term Reservations

Long-term lockers may be reserved for one or two semesters within an academic year. Groups are only allowed one long-term locker reservation at a time, so will need to adjust an existing reservation if they would like to change the length of that reservation.

Lockers may not be reserved beyond the academic year, and reservations open up annually to all registered student groups on a first-come, first served basis on reservation day.

Other Locker Rental Options for Campus

Lockers are also available for rental for a semester or academic year elsewhere on the East Bank, West Bank and Saint Paul campuses. Please see the SUA Info Desk website for more details. If you have questions regarding student group funding options for operational expenses such as locker rental, please contact Student Activities at