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Student Group Digital Sign Event Advertising in Student Unions

Digital Sign on Second Floor

Digital Signage Impressions

Average building traffic for Coffman Union is 24,000+ per day.  There are 5 digital screens in Coffman Union, 2 located on the Second Floor and 3 located on the Ground Floor. All Student Group screens run the same continuous loop.  Space is limited and will be given on a first come, first served basis. Promotions are displayed for 12 seconds each.

Student Group Digital Signage Policy

  • Student groups must be registered and in good standing with Student Unions & Activities.  A listed officer must submit the request to post a digital sign.
  • To allow all student groups opportunities for access and to prevent a monopoly on digital signs, the following limits are placed on reservations:
  • Due to the number of registered student groups we have on campus, postings must be specific to student group events (i.e. no generic student group promotions are allowed).
  • No more than 2 postings per student group are allowed at a time.
  • Registered student groups may not reserve space request postings on behalf of other organizations or University departments. The student group requesting the posting must be primarily responsible for planning, implementing, and financing the event. SUA reserves the right to evaluate and make final determination of the posting. If intentional misrepresentation has occurred, this may result in suspension of posting privileges in SUA facilities.
  • Postings must prominently display the name of the student group planning the event, as well as provide date, time, and location of the event.
  • Student groups classified as Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) must follow Use of the University Name, Marks and Logos policies. Student groups classified as Campus Life Programs (CLPs) need to follow University Brand policies and guidelines.
  • No videos are allowed.
  • Approval must be received on all postings before they will be displayed.
  • Approval will not be given for postings advertising personal sales of items (i.e. cars, furniture, etc.) or for individuals seeking roommates
  • If the student group’s event is sponsored by an organization external to the U of MN, the sponsoring organization’s logo must not exceed 20% of the overall image.
    • You may utilize Facebook’s grid tool to determine the space the sponsoring organization’s logo may take up on your marketing piece.
  • Promotion of beverages must be in compliance with the University beverage contract, available from University Dining Services Contract Administration at (612) 624-9048.

Submitting Postings

  • Digital signs must be submitted as JPEG files to
  • Postings will be displayed no earlier than 2 weeks prior to the date of the event. 
  • Please allow 2 business days for promotions to be posted.
  • We recommend that you use the following ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) statement in your promotions: “If you require disability related accommodations for this event, please contact the Disability Resource Center at 612-626-1333 or a minimum of two weeks prior to the event.”

Digital Signage Specifications

Digital signs are displayed for 12 seconds each. 

  • No animation on, or in PowerPoint slide
  • File dimensions must be 1920w x 990h pixels
  • Save as JPEG File Interchange Format in landscape orientation

Art Guidelines

  • Text should be no smaller than 24 point, larger is preferred in order to ensure readability
  • Minimal copy is encouraged
  • Orange, yellow and red tones are discouraged since they tend to bleed on television screens
  • Horizontal and vertical stripes are discouraged since they tend to look distorted on television screens

Other On Campus Promotion Options

Posting Policies & Distributing Flyers

?Hanging signs or posters on campus is one of the most popular ways to get a message out. The University allows posting by student groups in approved locations. Postings not displayed in approved locations may be removed. Any damage to buildings incurred due to inappropriate postings will be assessed to the student group and its officers. Academic buildings and off-campus businesses have different policies on posting. Make sure to find out specific procedures at each building and ask for permission before posting. We recommend dividing campus locations and businesses so that your members don’t all poster in the same areas. We also recommend keeping a list of the locations and businesses that allow you to poster for future use. Student Unions & Activities and the Residence Halls each have an approval process for poster/flyer distribution highlighted below.

Student Unions & Activities

  • All posters or flyers must be approved through the SUA Information Desk, bearing the original stamp of SUA approval.
  • SUA staff will be responsible for placement of all posters
  • Posters or flyers are allowed at designated posting areas only. No posters or flyers shall be put on any glass, carpeted, paneled, papered, painted, or wood surfaces.

Additional information regarding Flyer Posting is located here.

Residence Halls/Apartments

The approval process for posting in Residence Halls is available on the Housing and Residential Life website.

Distributing Publications (handouts and flyers)

Chalking Policies

Chalking is allowed on campus in accordance with the chalking policy. Please see Chalking on Campus for more information. Don’t forget, sidewalk chalk is available in Multi-Use Space South!