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When your student group has identified which reservable spaces are appropriate for your event, check availability via the venue website or by contacting the venue’s Reservations Staff to check on date availability. If your initial dates are not available, tentatively hold the dates they can offer and check with your group, as well as any performers or vendors, to see if the new date will work. Once you have confirmed internally, and checked for any conflicting events taking place at the same time, confirm (or cancel) your room reservation.

The length of time you reserve your event space for depends on your event needs. Remember: you should reserve your room from the time the first person from your group needs to enter the room to start setting up for your event (including dropping off supplies) until the last person leaves the room. Room reservation times are typically much longer than the actual event time.

Identify who from your group is going to be the point of contact for reserving event space and communicating event needs. If necessary, identify who will take the lead for communicating audio/visual technical needs. Your group’s reservation event contact needs to be a listed officer from your group and will be the sole point of contact with your venue’s Event Coordination staff.

Please see Event Planning Timeline for information related to working with your venue’s Event Coordination staff in order to coordinate event details and logistics.