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Student Group Benefits

Student groups must register with Student Unions & Activities to establish a relationship with the University in order to access to resources, facilities, and services. University resources available to individual students for academic purposes are not available for use by student groups, however, registered student groups have access to the following:

  1. Use of the following areas for meetings and events at free or reduced rates:
  2. Ability to conduct fundraisers and sales on campus with approved permit(s)
  3. Eligibility to apply for grants and student service fees
  4. Access to student group specific email and web accounts
  5. Ability to have an on-campus mailbox, via Student Unions & Activities
  6. Participation in campus-wide events, including Activities Fairs, Paint the BridgeHomecoming and Spring Jam
  7. Ability, by request, to promote events on the campus wide University of Minnesota Events Calendar
  8. Access to electronic elections and voting via Student Activities
  9. Inclusion in the SUA student group listing
  10. Consultation with Student Unions & Activities (SUA) staff members to assist with organizational issues, conflict management, risk management, taxes, budget development, and student group and University policy.

Student groups who register are classified as either a Campus Life Program or a Registered Student Organization. These classifications determine additional guidelines and policies that each group must abide by and also provides additional resources for the group.

The benefits you are able to access as an officer of a student group are for your group’s use alone. For instance, reserving a meeting room, event venue or contact table allows you to use this space only for your group’s purpose. You cannot reserve spaces for use by other student groups, University departments, outside groups, or individual use to provide access or reduced costs in using University facilities, services, or staff. Providing this inappropriate access to student group benefits may result in disciplinary action against your group.