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Group Insurance Requirements

Application to University Campus Life Programs

University Campus Life Programs have status as University of Minnesota entities and are insured under the University’s insurance program. Individual students are not considered to be Insureds under the policies.

Application to Registered Student Organizations On-Campus Activities

1. General Liability Insurance—On-campus Events

Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) and their officers, individual members and/or employees are not covered by the University’s General Liability Insurance. RSO Faculty and Staff Advisors are Insureds under the University’s policy which also covers them for their service to CLPs. The University has general liability insurance which provides coverage for claims of bodily injury and property damage against the University arising out of the negligent actions of the insured Faculty and Staff Advisors.

While RSOs do not have general liability insurance coverage from the University, the University does not require RSOs to purchase additional insurance for most of their on-campus activities except as noted under #2 below. On-campus activities that do not need additional insurance include:

  1. Group meetings
  2. RSO sponsored concerts attended by University students
  3. All RSO meetings and events within student union facilities (Coffman Memorial Union, St. Paul Student Center, outdoor spaces adjacent to student unions and West Bank spaces reserved by Student Unions & Activities department)
  4. Campus space reservations
  5. Working concession sales at events in University facilities (e.g. Mariucci and Williams Arenas)
  6. RSO dance practices
  7. RSO on-campus events and programs intended for and attended by University community and students

2. On-Campus Events Requiring RSOs to Purchase Liability Insurance

While the University does not require additional liability insurance for most on-campus activities, the University does require RSOs to provide a certificate of insurance in order to conduct the following activities on campus:

  1. Athletic events, including 5K or Fun Runs;
  2. Activities or events to which the general public is the primary audience;
  3. Activities involving the use of amusement devices (e.g. rides, slides, inflatables, bungees, climbing walls, dunk tanks)
  4. Activities or events which involve animals
  5. Activities determined by Student Unions and Activities and the University’s Office of Risk Management to be a potential risk to the University or its students, faculty or staff members.

Where insurance is required, Registered Student Organizations will be required to provide a certificate of insurance in order to conduct events at University facilities. In these cases, insurance requirements for RSOs must be consistent with the terms of the University of Minnesota’s agreement with other third-party users of University space.

To conduct excluded activities in University facilities, Registered Student Organizations must provide proof of general liability insurance coverage (i.e., a certificate of insurance) covering that organization’s event, naming the Regents of the University of Minnesota as an additional insured, and evidencing coverage with a limit of not less than $1,000,000 each occurrence for bodily and personal injury and property damage.

Download a sample copy of a Certificate of Insurance.

If an RSO does not have its own coverage, it may purchase Tenant User’s Liability Insurance Policy (TULIP). This program is designed for third-party facility users who need to purchase general liability insurance for an event. TULIP is a General Liability policy that protects both the facility user and the University. The policy provides coverage for bodily and personal injury or property damage arising out of the use of University premises by external users

TULIP Coverage Instructions

To purchase coverage for your event:

  1. Visit:
  2. Click on “Get A Quote” located on the left side of the screen or “QuickQuote” located at the top of the page.
  3. Select the location of your event by following the prompts:
    • State – Minnesota
    • Location – The University of Minnesota
    • Venue – 4025 Regents of the University of Minnesota
  4. Select the Dates and attendance for your events using the calendar function. Note: Coverage is required for all days of your event
  5. Select your event type by following the prompts.
  6. Disregard the “Additional Coverage Options” screen (excess coverage, alcohol and vendors…) as this additional coverage is not required - the policies and paperwork regarding Alcohol Use can be viewed in the forms library.
  7. Review your Coverage and Premium.
  8. Input payment information and click “Submit.”

?General Exception: Athletic events, such as ‘fun runs,’ are outside the scope of the coverage. K&K Insurance or sanctioning by USA Track and Field are options for obtaining coverage.

If you have any questions or need further clarification on University of Minnesota insurance policies, please contact the Office of Risk Management, 612-624-5884.

Coverage for Off-Campus Activities

In addition to not being covered by the University for their on-campus activities, RSOs and their individual members are not covered for liabilities arising from their off-campus activities by any University General Liability insurance. The University recommends that RSOs consider purchasing their own General Liability insurance coverage for their off-campus activities. While the University cannot provide this coverage, other insurance agents may be able to provide coverage for your organization.

When traveling overseas, CLPs are required to purchase University mandated international health insurance. RSOs shall be responsible for independently securing necessary travel and health insurance for any overseas activities. The University will take no responsibilities for RSO activities abroad. You may contact agencies directly. If you have questions, please contact the Office for International Programs, 612-625-5107.

3. Compliance with Insurance Requirements

Where necessary, RSOs shall be responsible for independently securing necessary liability insurance coverage to conduct activities using University facilities that are excluded from the General Liability insurance program provided by the University. The TULIP program is available as an option to cover some excluded activities (generally excepting athletic-oriented activities).

Additionally, RSOs are encouraged to pursue Property, Automobile Liability workers compensation, Directors and Officers, Special Event and/or Fidelity and Crime insurance coverage; as appropriate.

Student Unions & Activities shall provide educational support addressing risk management and insurance issues and shall provide current information regarding insurance coverage options in conjunction with annual registration. However Student Unions & Activities shall not enter into contracts with or on behalf of independent student groups.

4. Sponsorship of Activities

All parties involved in the joint sponsorship or co-sponsorship of an excluded activity using University facilities each shall be required to meet all insurance requirements.

Co-sponsorship of an excluded activity using University facilities with a University Campus Life Program or other University entity shall not exempt student groups from insurance requirements for that activity.

For purposes of determining insurance requirements, joint, co-sponsorship and sponsorship shall be defined as logistical involvement by the student group in the planning and coordination of the activity.

Student Insurance for International Travel

See Travel Policies.