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Guidance for Registered Student Organizations for completing Form W-9

Your organization may be asked to fill out a W-9 if you are ever to be paid by another organization or company.

  • Name: Enter the organization’s legal name on the “Name” line and any “doing business as” (DBA) name on the “Business name/disregarded entity name” line.
  • Federal Tax classification Check the appropriate box that applies to your group:
    • Unincorporated Association (most groups): Check the Other box and specify unincorporated association.
    • Corporate Nonprofits
      • If your organization has not received federal tax-exempt status, check the Other box and specify nonprofit corporation.
      • If your organization has received federal tax-exempt status, check the Other box and specify Tax-Exempt Organization. Also check the box for Exempt Payee.
    • In Part I, enter your EIN that you received through filing Form SS-4.
  • Sign and date.

If the organization plans to sell tangible property or admissions to entertainment events and related activities, a Minnesota business registration number is also required. Sales tax will need to be collected on the sales and remitted to the state using the Minnesota registration number.