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Officer Transitions

An officer transition is a period of time between the selection of new officers (elections and/or appointments) and the point at which new officers assume their new role within the organization. Many benefits accompany a successful officer transition. As a transitioning officer, take time to consider how the transmission of information and detailed conversations between incoming and outgoing officer contributes to the success of the organization. Transitions provide an opportunity to pass on knowledge and wisdom to future leaders. During the transition, future leaders gain personal accounts of previous leaders’ successes and challenges while outgoing officers “give a tour” of the position to the incoming officer. The transitions process is a reminder of the mission, vision, and values of organization as well as an assessment opportunity to review previous programs, events, areas of organizational strengths and challenges.

The following are key points of an effective officer transition.

  • Maintains effective continuity of the group’s progress, goals and growth.
  • Helps ensure the successful transfer of important information.
  • Helps build upon the achievements of the outgoing executive council.
  • Reinforces positive/productive communication between officers and between the officers and the group.
  • Provides an opportunity for incoming officers to plan for the future and establish new goals.
  • Creates an atmosphere where officers learn to work together effectively.

Attend an Officer Transition Workshop hosted by the Student Activities Office. The following are materials and resources to help student groups develop and implement an officer transition process.

Contact the Student Activities Office for assistance in developing a transition process or with questions.