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Grant Process Overview

  1. Apply for grant online in accordance with listed application due dates. It is recommended that applicants apply at least one cycle prior to their final deadline, in order to allow time for re-application if denied and to improve likliehood of receiving funds prior to event date. Start Your Online Application.
  2. Continue planning your event while waiting to receive grant award notification. Please see the Sample Event Planning Worksheet.
  3. Grant application is reviewed by the SUA Grant Committee.
  4. If awarded, follow the instructions outlined in your grant award notification email. Awarded groups will be required to submit a Statement of Agreement within two weeks of the award notification email in order to retain the grant award.
  5. RSOs will be notified that their check is ready for pickup from the Student Activities Office within 2-4 weeks after submitting the Statement of Agreement. Campus Life Program (CLPs), University Departments, and individuals will receive their grant award through departmental EFS transfer.
  6. If your group was awarded Coca-Cola Product as part of your grant award, place your order with Coca-Cola directly at least two weeks prior to your event. You will receive further instructions regarding this process if this applies to you.
  7. Host your event.
  8. Following the completion of your event, schedule a post-event meeting by contacting the Student Activities Office. The post-event meeting must be completed within 30 days of your event.
  9. Bring your completed Project Evaluation, Budget, and all even receipts to your Post-Event Meeting.