Student Opening: Coffman Memorial Union Event Services Team Member


Number of Openings: 10

Pay Rate: $10.50

Location: Coffman Memorial Union

Department: Facilities


The Event Services Team is the front line for keeping Coffman Memorial Union (CMU) running smoothly and safely. In addition to assisting with event scheduling and planning, the Event Services Team works with and without supervision to ensure that spaces in and around CMU are clean and prepared with all necessary tables, chairs, and equipment when guests arrive for their event.

The Event Services team work shifts throughout the week.

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  • Must be able to work from oral and written instructions given by supervisors
  • Able to bend and lift (up to 50 lbs team lift)

Preferred Qualifications

  • Previous cleaning, snow removal, or set-up experience
  • General knowledge of cleaning methods and chemicals

Notes for This Posting

Coffman Memorial Union is looking to add to the Event Services Team. Students will be expected to work the following:

  • HOURS: Event Services Team members will work anywhere from 10-25 hours or 4 shifts per week, depending on how much they would like to work.
  • WEEKENDS: We expect all Event Services Team members to work at least 1 weekend shift (~6 hours) per month and occasionally 2 weekends shifts per month.
  • SHIFT TIMES: Most Event Services Team members can expect to work 2-4 regularly scheduled shifts per week. Each shift is 4-6 hours. Most shifts are available from 5pm - 12am every night of the week. We have a few shifts available from the hours of 6am - 5pm, but you can expect most (if not all) of the shifts you are assigned to be from 5pm - 12am.
  • AVAILABILITY: Prior to the interview, we will ask you to send a screenshot of your class schedule. We create a schedule for you based on the times you are not in class. We expect for applicants to be *available* to be scheduled during *most* times they are not in class; however, we will only schedule you the actual # of hours per week you would like to work. Prior to scheduling, we will confirm specific dates you'd like off from work.

Again, most (if not all) of the shifts you will get are from 5pm - 12am on weekdays plus 1-2 weekend shifts per

  • BOTTOM LINE: We will work with you to create a schedule that works for you, and you also must be willing to work 5pm-12am for your shifts!

We are looking for students who are able to start working as soon as possible during the Fall Semester. Students who can continue working into 2020 are preferred, but all are welcome to apply.


  1. You must be able to work for the Fall.
  2. You must be able to work 10-25 hours per week.
  3. You must be able to work 4 shifts per week.