Student Job: Visual Media Specialist


Department: Marketing


Preferred Qualifications

Title: Visual Media Specialist

Job Code: 2226 Student Tech Support Services

Level: Intermediate

NOTE: The staff in this position are either dedicated to photography OR film/video production. Expertise in both areas is not required.

Essential Functions:

The SUA Visual Media Specialists working title will be either Video Production Assistant or Photographer. They communicate using film/video production or photography. Film/video material is edited for sound and length while photographs are proofed before use. The material is the property of Student Unions & Activities; the content may be stored in archives or posted to social media, digital signage, marketing materials, advertisements, and/or other promotional initiatives. The Visual Media Specialist must become proficient in using relevant computer programs, e.g. Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and/or Adobe Bridge; Google Suite, MS Office.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • 60% Technical operations: Filming/photographing, editing, preparing product for use
  • 20% Administrative Duties: Meeting with units to set goals and to determine events to be covered
  • 20% Other duties as assigned: Implementation of product, general office assignments

Essential Qualifications:

  • Current UMTC student. See student employment eligibility
  • Understanding of introductory video and/or photography principles and editing
  • Strong written, oral, and visual communication skills
  • Ability to work independently and on deadline
  • Ability to collaborate with ideas on projects

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Majoring in Art, Photography, Journalism, Cinema & Media Culture, or Communications.
  • Experience expressing ideas via visual media
  • Experience using relevant computer programs and social media, e.g. Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and/or Adobe Bridge; Google Suite, MS Office; Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Experience using both

Opportunities for Skill Development on the Job:

Students participate in experiences outside the classroom which allow them to develop and demonstrate life skills. These skills and characteristics for success and citizenship are learned and refined during their college years and beyond. The Office for Student Affairs has developed seven Student Development Outcomes that the Student Unions & Activities has incorporated into the student employment system in the Unions. Here is a listing of the Student Development Outcomes with some examples of how you can learn or further develop your own skills set.


  • Acknowledges when mistakes/missed deadlines occur and knows when supervisor should be alerted
  • Seeks additional assignments as time permits
  • Demonstrates ability to use systems and understand job tasks


  • Proficient in following office procedure and use of technical equipment and supplies
  • Demonstrates good judgment on when to defer questions, complaints, and issues to supervisor
  • Assist with implementing new ideas and initiatives with supervisor and co-workers that will improve work area

Goal Orientation

  • Is open to alternative ways to finish tasks in a more efficient manner
  • Prioritizes projects and meets deadlines


  • Demonstrates excellent verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  • Assess own weaknesses and strengths and uses this knowledge to better work performance
  • Can separate the demands of the job and customers from personal concerns and ego


  • Can handle last minute changes to tasks that need to be completed and can work under time constraints
  • Is able to learn from a bad experience and knows how to prevent them from happening in the future
  • Seeks instruction and constructive criticism from supervisor

Appreciation of Differences

  • Willingness to learn from others who have different backgrounds
  • Role models respectful behavior toward all customer, peers and supervisor and expects same behavior from others
  • Is open to taking on opportunities to work outside of “comfort zone”

Tolerance of Ambiguity

  • Embraces a task without assurance of success or certainty about the outcome
  • Employs problem solving skills and asks supervisor to find unknown information

*The employer reserves the right to change or add duties to this position as long as the changes and/or additions are consistent with the job classification.