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Virtual Art Exhibit: Face It

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Face It - AP

Face It began its growth out of the repetition based, portrait centered body of work I had previously been developing the last four years. In these portraits, I found interest in exploring how moods are read by viewers through exaggerated and intensified facial expression. These portraits formed their backbone using cartoon-esque, primary-colored figures, who are dressed in expressions unfiltered and raw. I am interested in how, upon seeing unbridled emotion, viewers often interact in discomfort or humor in reflection of societal standards for neutralizing big feelings in public spaces.

Face it is my first body of work that takes these previous characters and places them into surround-sound, private, environments. I consider this a second building block. In this paper-based body of work, I explore continued intensity of expressed emotion while my characters interact with their physical, mental and at times imagined landscapes. I moved away from using words within these environments in order to explore how semiotics, like facial expression, can invite the viewer into a space. Consider it a game of internal eye-spy, you only spy what you expect, what you have self narrated.

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