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Times in Collapse

January 21 to February 18, Reception: February 17, 6-8 PM St. Paul Student Center, Larson Gallery

Consider our reality: we experience reality as time and space working together like clockwork, following fundamental laws of nature and physics. But what is time? What is reality? And what happens when these fundamentals fall out of alignment? Enjoy this multimedia exhibition with works from artists like Austin Seitzinger, whose work manifests itself as rips of reality, gathering of light, and distorted shifts of the passage itself and its surrounding areas. Also enjoy the ceramic works of Ciel Rossmiller, whose series of works explores the relationship between three words, Pious, Incredulous, and Obstinate - exaggerated into near unusable shapes as they either stand apart, encircle each other, or meld together. In addition, explore the creations of Zachary Betts. Like artifacts from a world that is akin to but not our own, his objects emulate the forms of everyday objects while obscuring their purpose. Last but not least, view colorful designs by Zoe Huebner, whose works take into account the complexity that can be created through layering and contrasting line structures. In closing, each artwork in this exhibition explores unique forms of shape and texture, offering a look into when our world, our times, break down and collapse.

Planned by Student Events and Entertainment.

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