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Second Floor Gallery: Oromummaa

January 26-March 12; Reception: Thursday, February 2, 5-7pm Coffman Memorial Union, Second Floor Gallery

“Oromummaa is a complex term that refers to the collective Oromo identity, culture, beliefs, and experiences that shape the community. While reconnecting with my heritage and culture, I explored what it meant to be Oromo. I’ve come to learn the many aspects that make up Oromo culture, from clothing, to the Gada system, traditional beliefs, and more. This also came with understanding the historical oppression and marginalization Oromo people have faced in Ethiopia. Coming from a marginalized ethnic group where our identity has been challenged, I felt that it was important to highlight the different aspects of our culture that make up Oromummaa. The art pieces in my gallery are a reflection of the rich culture and diversity of the Oromo people, along with highlighting our struggle for freedom.” - Mustariha Webo, UMN student digital artist

Planned by Student Events and Entertainment.

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