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June 24 to August 12, Reception: June 30th, 3-5pm St. Paul Student Center, Larson Gallery

Traverse through sprawling forests, rolling fields, and shimmering brooks as you explore Sanctuary in the Larson Gallery. In this nature-based exhibition, enjoy the works of Kat Corrigan, whose paintings of local wildlife encapsulates the familiarity and spirit living behind their deep, gazing eyes. Also enjoy the works of Kimberlee Whaley, whose photographs explore the ever-changing conditions of our natural landscape. In addition, delight in the multimedia works of Corra Thompson, who explores intersected themes of nature and mental health with rich textures, earthy colors, and animal and plant subjects. Also observe the flowing sculptures of Jodi Reeb, who creates rhythm and form as she explores the theme of nature’s cycles. Additionally, survey the multimedia works of Katiana Shovelain, whose inks capture each individual detail and nuance, oils depth and richness, and acrylics tactility and texture in her pieces. At last, observe the organic paintings of Taylor Robers, whose works aim to forge a connection between the viewer and ecology by creating imagery that ignites curiosity and recalls memories and sensory experiences.

Planned by Student Events and Entertainment.

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