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"The Once and Never Cowboy" Exhibition

This work is about clinging to romantic dreams long after realizing they are impossible & more than a little ridiculous... How the trace of childhood aspirations have bistable functionality, as tethers and reins, bonds and bindings.

Or, in many other words (with hyphens): A real-life-movie-electric-space-western cowboy crafting awkward valentines in the dark of open-range middle-north adulthood.

Jim Clark is primarily a draughtsman, as well as a teaching artist and curator. He received his undergraduate art degree at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, an MFA at Vesper College, in addition to study at Cours de Civilisation Fran├žaise de la Sorbonne and at the Academie de Port-Royal in Paris.

This exhibit can be seen from May 20th until August 16th in the Larson Art Gallery.

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