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Moving Tracts: Cuisines, Cultures, Communities from South Asia

October 7 to November 28 Coffman Memorial Union, Second Floor Gallery

As a collaborative multimedia project, we specifically examine how the construction of migrant identity is greatly influenced by material objects that inadvertently become part of migration.The process of human movement can be the result of various conscious or forced circumstances, and each individual going through this process experiences it differently. This project thus involves multiple different mediums which can not only give space to share these stories but also give space and respects to those silences. We also plan to showcase different incidents of migration through photographs and virtual reality mediums that can also address the silences of migrants.

This exhibition will focus on the material memory of migrants through objects that become part of the migration process. To understand migration narratives through these objects, the medium that we will use is still photography, as photographs themselves are objects embodying memories and experiences. Beyond memorializing the past, do photographs work as objects themselves that destabilize memory and temporality? In order to answer this question, we will largely focus on the South-Asian migrants in Minnesota who travelled to North America through Africa and Europe. We will specifically look for objects that became part of this migration pattern because of the 1947 Partition of the Indian subcontinent resulting in the formation of India, East Pakistan (present-day Bangladesh) and Pakistan.

Planned by Student Events and Entertainment.

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