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Art Opening Breaking Form: An Imagined Utopia
Date & Time
Fri, Feb 7 6:00PM
Coffman Memorial Union, Coffman Art Gallery

Art allows for the physical world to be broken, and instead creates layers of exploration that expose human experiences. Abstraction is seen as a way of connection and discovery. The artists Preston Yates Drum and Kayleigh Fichten choose to interrupt our conventional realm in order to construct an emblematic and thought-provoking world.

Preston uses everyday imagery to inspire others to question their world and consider their options for forming a better place. Kayleigh uses source imagery from National Geographic Magazines to create layered compositions that highlight a utopia as a personal experience in order to question the idea of how a place can be represented. Together, these two artists unify to challenge the social order, Breaking Form: An Imagined Utopia.

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