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Rhymesayers Talk Hip-Hop with Touré
Date & Time
Fri, Oct 25 6:30PM
Coffman Memorial Union, Great Hall

Rhymesayers artists Brother Ali, Chaka Mkali (I Self Devine), and Phillip Espinoza Day (Los Nativos) are coming to the U for an interview. Now, not just any old person will be asking them questions, THE notorious culture critic, Touré, who is an NBC contributor and MSNBC regular, will be conversing with them about the music world and pop culture. The event will consist of a short lecture from Touré, followed by an interview of our favorite Rhymesayers, and will close with a student led Q&A. A lucky few will get the chance to win meet and greet tickets, be sure to check out our Facebook and Twitter @umnSUA for contest details!

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